A Diplomatic Smackdown In Russia

Correction: The video below is not what it appears to be. There was no diplomatic smackdown. I refer you to Snopes.

So do I delete the post altogether, or leave it as it is now to show that the video is a production of some dishonest folks out there (imagine that)?

The Lunch Counter is big enough to recognize when a mistake has been made and the truth should always be given the utmost respect. Therefore, the post will remain in its current form to shed the light on what is true.


Here’s an interesting 13 second clip of President Obama’s attempt at hitting the RESET button in Russian foreign relations. It amounts to nothing less than a political smackdown for the United States. Despite what The White House website has to say about it.

Looks like the Russians were not impressed with candidate Obama’s world tour during his campaign last year or with his apology tour following his election.

It is also the first time in my memory that our President was ever treated with such disrespect. The problem is, it wasn’t just a setback for him as President, it is a setback for us as a nation. He has his work cut out for him where Russia is concerned.

Unless you were watching it live, did you see this in the news?

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  1. 5 Russian officials? Take another look, there are at least a dozen if not two dozen guys in that line! I’m right of Atilla the Hun in my political views, but I’ve got to call a spade a spade. They walk into the room within a few feet of the Russian and Us flags and then they cut to being a good 30 feet down the line before the handshake “snubs” begin.

  2. This clip doesn’t jump anywhere. There seems to be a cut between the first and second dignitary. MSNBC probably thought they could get away with omitting the whole lineup so as not to embarrass their guy. Who knows? Regardless, it’s all there.

    The clip begins when they walk into a room with a line of 5 Russian officials. If you think that keeping your hand at your side when the President of the United States extends his hand to you is not a snub, then there’s no point in discussing it further. What, do you think maybe Obama was gesturing to all five of them that their flies were down?

    Look at the expression on his face when he realizes that none of them will shake his hand. And what ‘benefit of the doubt’ are you giving to Obama? He doesn’t need it. He was exhibiting normal courtesy to a fellow human being. It isn’t his fault the Russians all acted like jerks there. All five of those Russians shook Medvedev’s hand without hesitation. It is obvious to me that they were intent on making a statement by dissing him. The reason why is anyone’s guess. I offered mine.

  3. Are you sure that’s a snub? I’m no Obama fan, but the clip jumps to the end of a very long line of people. Notice the flags when he walks in and then when the “snub” occurs. A more reasonable explanation is that he is introducing this people to the ambassador receiving the handshakes.

    I’m definitely not an Obama fan, but I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt in this case. Also, why would this not have been in the news when it happened last month? Other similar footage I found is labelled July 13th.

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