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Considering the state of the Republican party these days, Mel Martinez did the right thing to resign. The Lunch Counter is fully supportive of his decision to get out of Dodge, although not for the reason that he articulates.

Martinez, 62, had already announced he wouldn’t seek re-election. He said Friday that the next phase of his life will be in the private sector, but he didn’t have any specific plans.

Martinez’s term in the U.S. Senate was a waste of a Republican senate seat. It is ironic too that he is leaving to go into the private sector. Then again, by the time he is ready to retire, there won’t be a private sector left (if the current trend in Washington continues), so what would it matter, to him?

link: Fla. senator to resign, clear path for Crist

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  1. Not having been in that position, one can only imagine. I guess it’s because they have enough re$ource$ to move on to another job, take a different career path.

    The question should be, why does it take so much money to run for public office?

    Besides, making politics a career is something that a growing number of people are beginning to get wary of. Politicians get too comfortable in the position after solidifying political power to the point that they feel it is their job to control everything, including the freshmen lawmakers, instead of listening to and doing the bidding of their constituents. They think because they are called ‘lawmakers’ that they’re not doing their job if they’re not making new laws to show us how smart and how caring they are. They have the tax hammer, and use it to secure re-election. {side note: the Fair Tax takes that tax hammer away} All the above makes the case for term limits.

    On the three above, in the end, Joe made out much better financially but quit due to family issues, and probably won’t try politics again, unless Crist picks him to finish out Mel’s term. I think he spoiled his chances to do anything locally, without doing some sort of rehab listening tour. Besides, he doesn’t need it. Sarah was being drained financially and had her family put under scrutiny unfairly, and was distracted from State business by never ending frivolous lawsuits. But I think one day she will return to the political stage. Her motivations were familial, financial and strategic. I don’t see her giving up on politics. Mel is another case altogether. To me, he’s always been sort of a 5th wheel in the party. Mel was one of Bush’s worst political appointments, as his tenure in the Senate shows. And as for what his real reason for quitting is, frankly Scarlet, I don’t give a dam. I’m just glad he’ll be gone.

  2. Ross,

    What’s with all these politicians who spend so much money and fight so hard to get elected, then quit … Martinez, Palin, Scarborough?

    Mark O’Brien

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