Cash For Clunkers Isn't Dead Yet

As the failure and short-sightedness of the Cash For Clunkers program was already detailed here and here, Democrats in Washington are in panic mode to beg, borrow, and/or steal another $2 billion to continue this UAW payoff.

The first billion lasted 4 days.  So the robber barrons in control of Washington are looking to extend this for another week and a half.  Don’t let them do it. Not without voicing your objection.

Write your Senators TODAY, in your own words. Here’s a link to get you started,

I don’t believe in sending form letters. Please write your own thoughtful letter. Mine is below which you may get some ideas from, or not. Your mileage may vary.

The cars for clunkers program should not be renewed. Not for another
$2billion, not for another $2 and for a couple reasons.

It is not a long term economic stimulus, as the first billion proved. It
did stimulate car sales, but not the economy. YOU may not choose who the
winners and losers are in a free market economy. I know Sen. Nelson and
President Obama hold the greatest contempt for free market economies,
where the people choose the winners and losers. The Cash for Clunkers is
more social engineering, to condition people to look to the government for
money and solutions. Democrats worship the thought. Pres. Obama was raised
that way, he was educated that way, and that is exactly what he is doing
right now. ‘Returning the nation to its rightful owners.’ What audacity!!!!

If it is the economy you want to stimulate, then quit taxing us into
socialism. It is obvious to me that the cash for clunkers is for the new
owners of the auto industry, the UAW, and not the economy.

Your re-election depends on you voting NO to extend this God-awful plan.

If you want to stimulate the economy,  adopt the Fair Tax. That will do it
all by itself without committing inter-generational theft and without
decimating free market capitalism and without putting us further into debt
to China.

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