Has Palin Changed The Game?

From a perspective of politics as usual, one could easily call her decision to pass the baton to her Lt. Governor a ‘misunderstanding‘ about governing.

What we know is, like it or not, Palin doesn’t do politics ‘as usual.’

I’ll go out on a limb and say what no media person has said yet. That, being driven by her love of country and her State, she is stepping out of political office so that she can get her message out without being a burden on Alaska in dealing with endless lawsuits.  Which, by the way, is what she said. The tide of media opinion suggests she can’t take the heat and is getting out of the kitchen. Fact is, her message resonates with conservatives, which is a smaller, less intrusive government, where capitalism and free markets, personal freedom and liberty will once again prevail. Her core beliefs are what is driving her. Not conventional politics. Her priorities are faith, family, and then her State, in that order. Essentially, it is all the things that the Obama administration, which only believes in an all powerful and controlling federal government, does not believe in.

There’s no reason to not believe the reason she gave for leaving, nor to doubt the sincerity with which she gave it. (Anyone see a teleprompter?) And I’d wager a guess that her not playing ‘politics as usual’ will give David Axelrod  Excedrin headache number 13 trillion. All the speculation from pundits of her cutting and running is misplaced, wishful thinking.

She hasn’t given up. She has changed the game.

You go girl.

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5 thoughts on “Has Palin Changed The Game?”

  1. Exactly Tom.

    Beautiful and smart. How can that possibly come in the same package?

    And no cankles.

    Don’t expect women to support women. It rarely truly happens.

  2. Sarah is a breath of fresh, old fashioned, family oriented conservatism. I respect her decision, especially since being the target for the pathetic liberal media, liberals / democrats in general …. as well as the spineless McCain election team.

    Why is it the feminists hate her so much ???? Doesn’t make sense unless she’s just to much of the “perfect Woman”, looks, brains, family values, etc, etc, etc.

    God Bless you girl

  3. I would love if the GOP rallies behind Sarah Palin.

    She is a clown. If she ran for president in 2010, the president wouldn’t even have to campaign.

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