As California Goes . . .

Latest budget deficit total for California now is $24 billion. I don’t know how this got out, it is from AP, but it is also over 50% correct in why California is where it is today. Writer Juliet Williams says . . .

The gap has two primary causes: The state has been living beyond its means for years by spending generously on all sorts of programs that the voters, the politicians and the special interests wanted. And the recession has hammered California’s economy.

As one industry after another becomes a target for government intervention by an administration that sees nothing wrong with that, could states be far behind? But that’s beside the point. The point is, you can expect the same results nationally to the administration’s economic model as what California is facing today with theirs. Only worse.

There’s a lot of truth to the lore that as California goes, so goes the nation. I’m old enough to remember when the bikini came out in Hollywood and on California’s beaches. That was good. Liberating. Just ask any teenage boy.

As for the ‘over 50% correct’ comment. Williams errs by putting the voters first, when in reality it should be last, after politicians and special interests.

It was California voters that tried on many occasions to reign in Sacramento’s feelgood spending. And it was the 9th Circus Court of Appeals that overturned the voters time after time, in favor of politicians and special interests and against the voters.  But blaming the voters, you know, those stupid voters, for not knowing whats best for them is, in this case, a deflection of guilt to the wrong party. On second thought, now I see why this article got out. Never miss an opportunity to blame the voters.