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Pelosi attacks CIA, claims it deceives Congress

Today marks a high point for the Obama administration and the ‘war on terror,’ as I still refer to it. Today House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said in a public statement that the CIA misleads Congress. She said this in trying to lie her way out of having any knowledge of waterboarding being used. It’s a defense we’ve all heard before. They lied. Or he lied. bla bla bla

Way to go Madam Speaker. You don’t know how much of a morale boost that gave the agency. After trying to ruin the careers of anyone who ever worked in the Bush administration that had anything to do with waterboarding, including the CIA, I’m sure they are saying right now, ‘thank you, may I have another.’

If President Obama is the Commander in Chief that he took the oath to be, he better make a statement in support of the intelligence agency, unequivocally.

Her accusation is preposterous, and provable no matter how she spins it. She’s a lying fool that needs to pass the gavel to Steny Hoyer (D-MD).

Speaking of Nancy Pelosi, this video will at least make you laugh.

The case for closed primaries

Who doesn’t like the idea of republicans nominating Republicans? KOS writer Markos Moulitsas, that’s who. Writing about Gov. Crist’s chances in winning the Senate seat of retiring Mel Martinez, Moulitsas says . . .

That is, if he makes it out of his primary. Like Pennsylvania, Florida’s primary is closed, giving the state’s conservative activists an outsized voice in determining their nominee. And like Pennsylvania’s Specter, Crist is seen as an apostate for supporting and campaigning for President Obama’s stimulus bill.

I happen to agree with his assessment that Crist becoming Senator isn’t a sure thing. People with memories saw him vote for the Obama Porkulus Bill and talk out of two sides of his mouth when it comes to oil and Florida. What they see is another Arlen Specter, only younger.

The downright fear that Markos holds for people who are conservative is worth noting. It’s not Republicans, it’s conservatives. Obviously, he prefers allowing democrats to have a say in who republicans choose to represent them. John McCain couldn’t have done it without them and the media behind him. It confirms my theory that conservatism is the antidote to liberalism.

If conservatism is dead, like the Left likes to claim, then what’s all the hostility and fear? A good rule of thumb about liberals is this, when they start attacking you and not your ideas, you know your are effective.  It is cause to make a conservative feel proud.