aSide Order

Well who would have guessed?

Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D-MI) calls for investigation into Aunti Zeituni’s info leak; Joe the Plumber however, is still on his own. Turns out Aunti Zeituni Onyango, one of Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama’s many relatives made famous in his memoir, is an illegal alien.

According to Barack Obama, he did not know that she was an illegal. Yeah right. He didn’t know she was an illegal alien just like he didn’t know that Rev. Jeremiah Wright, after attending his church for twenty years, was all about hating whitey with his black liberation theology.

Official undone by tight trouser crackdown.

A senior official in South Sudan who ordered a crackdown on young women wearing tight trousers has been sacked, officials said Saturday.

Attention Air America Radio talk show hosts, and anyone else wishing to spread the wealth around. The Iraqi government is putting a luxury yacht that belonged to the late dictator Saddam Hussein up for sale.

The 82m (270ft) Ocean Breeze is equipped with swimming pools, an operating theatre, a helipad and an escape tunnel leading to a submarine.

Asking price is only $34,450,000 but could probably be had for $30 million. Photos