Why Do Democrats Benefit From Our Pain?

Have you ever heard the statement, ‘what’s bad for America is good for Democrats?’ It is a statement that Katrina at Katrina Limited, Resources for All Women, posed as a question. ‘Why do the Democrats benefit from our pain?’ I emailed my answer to Katrina at DemsBenefit@katrinalimited.com and you can too. I answered it this way.

In calling attention to problems, whatever they may be, the assumption was always that they could do better. It is an assumption that gets perpetrated by Democrats and perpetuated by their willing accomplices in the media. And like anything else, if the unsuspecting masses keep hearing it and hearing it, they will begin to believe it. And it will believed even faster when there is no one on the Republican side to set the record straight. It was Bush’s ‘compassionate’ side of his compassionate conservatism that led to him being such an easy target to demagogue. Admittedly, Bush didn’t help the cause by doubling the size of government and entitlement programs that we can’t afford, and refusing to use his veto pen. The crazy thing about this is that Democrats want to do more of both while running a campaign against Bush instead of McCain.

Pick any relevant example of this.

The war on terror. With the exception of the first 90 days after Sept. 11, 2001, this has been ‘Bush’s war.’ An unnecessary one. That and, ‘Bush lied.’ The ‘surge’ was condemned as a failure even before it started. That is all we heard from the media. Never any good news. All the bad news suggested that Democrats had ‘good news’ ideas. (retreat and surrender) When in fact, the surge was not a failure and things began improving in Iraq so much so that Democrats and the media have stopped talking about it, with one exception. Barack Obama would rather spend the cost of the war, $10 billion/month, on entitlement programs. Remember a few years ago, Dems were saying this $10 billion/month would bankrupt our country? It has perhaps saved our country but they can’t take their eyes off of the price of freedom to use as vote-buying insurance.

On the economy. Sure, the party in charge always takes the hit for the condition of it. That has more sway with voters than the fact that the solution Dems propose will worsen the economy. Democrats and the media benefit by demagoguing ‘tax cuts for the rich.’ It doesn’t matter to them that it was the Bush tax cuts that reversed the recession that Clinton gave Bush, and reversed the hit that was caused by the 9/11 attacks, and reversed the hit that natural disaster after natural disaster like Katrina gave us, and created over 8 million new jobs. But because the economy tanked near the election, largely caused by the Democrat sponsored sub-prime mortgage debacle, they were successful in hanging that on Bush and Republicans, including ‘McSame’ (McCain), as well.

The sad thing about this phenomenon is that Democrats are not ashamed of themselves for doing everything they can to hurt the country for the sole purpose of regaining power. How so? By fighting Bush every step of the way in prosecuting the war. And by resisting all attempts to reel in Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae a few years ago when the problem we face today was actually trying to be prevented (by Republicans) from happening. They are not ashamed at their use of class envy, class warfare, and playing the race card whenever they see an opening to peel off a few more seats in Congress.

Unfortunately, it is easier for them to be the naysayers than to share the credit for doing the right thing. Obama got elected by running on ‘no more of the last eight years’ and ‘hope’ and ‘change.’ He wanted what everyone wanted and had. We all hope things will be better, and we would need to see things change to make it so. He just happened to be successful in convincing a majority of Americans that they would have only hope and change to hang their vote on, because he offered nothing concrete to be responsible for. His campaign was the grandest of illusions of all time.

H/T Katrina’s Resources for All Women