Is Mike Papantonio A Journalist?

I just saw Air America Radio talk show host Mike Papantonio tell Neil Cavuto on FOX that he was a journalist and went to ‘journalism school’ for four years. They were discussing the TV reporter that asked Joe Biden some questions that no one else has asked either him or his running mate to date. Predictably, Papantonio wants her to lose her job. That’s the way the Left handles tough issues when it concerns one of their own.

At any rate, according to Papantonio’s Bio on his BIG LAW website, he doesn’t mention a journalism degree let alone attending journalism school.

That’s another thing the Left is comfortable with, telling stories in order to support a point. Much like the entire picture of just who Barack Obama is and what he is all about. Like Papantonio, he is not what he says he is or who he appears to be.


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2 thoughts on “Is Mike Papantonio A Journalist?”

  1. They were certainly loaded, by the assumptions that went with them. But that is also how the MSM treats Republicans. Sort of like Papantonio telling Cavuto that he is a journalist. 🙂

    At any rate, the questions were good ones since it was about words that Obama had said. Obviously Biden didn’t want to go there, so it’s ‘shoot the messenger’ time again.

  2. I don’t necessarily think she should lose her job, but I think she should be a national laughing stock, which she kind-of has become, so all is well there.

    Not all, but most, of the questions she asked were blatantly partisan and/or just outright silly.

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