Rush, Happier Than A Pig In

Rush Limbaugh has got to be feeling good nowadays. Especially since not very long ago, the media was out there downplaying Rush’s affect on the political process and trying to put him out of business. Limbaugh? Yea, he’s an entertainer, a wacko, and the adjectives continue. Then, borne totally out of his genius in knowing Democrats like every square inch of … you may have heard it. I just can’t type it. Rush coins ‘Operation Chaos.’

Things are beginning to change in the eyes of the media. Now his ‘operation’ appears successful if you listen to Chris Matthews, who said that people who voted to be mischievous in the democrat primary, an open primary, ought to be ashamed of themselves. I don’t know where Chris was during voting in the New Hampshire primary when people were bussed in from out of state, Massachusetts, to vote for McCain in the republican primary. Democrats and the media ended up choosing the Republicans’ candidate. It was not a big problem back then. No laws were broken, just the Republican party.

The point is how well Rush knows Democrats. He knows what makes them tick and how they will react and, he knows the ‘Clinton machine’ and how it operates. Thus, the birth of Operation Chaos. All he had to do was call it, and take credit for what he knows will happen and what the Clinton’s will do. And it is all happening before us.

The more Democrats think Rush Limbaugh is spoiling their party the better. As he has said many times before, they’ll open the door on their nose every time there is an opportunity, this time by pointing fingers at everyone else but themselves for their troubles.

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