Law & Order 1, Anarchy 0

Somehow, and after a full year of being holed up in a sanctuary church in Chicago, illegal alien Elvira Arellano was finally arrested and deported to Mexico again, the place she calls ‘her country.’ Curious distinction since we are told how illegals want to assimilate and be American. Her actions and words prove otherwise. This woman was merely using America, not living it.

So she gets deported to Tijuana, which means she’s probably back in Los Angeles by now.  With all the bleeding heart talk about how deporting illegals separates families, that’s not an immigration problem.  That’s an unfit parents’ problem.  She should have taken her son with her and kept her own family together.  She chose not to do that.   As do all the other illegals that put their families presence at risk by being illegal from the start.  The only anchor in your ‘anchor baby’ is in your mind.  A loving mother doesn’t abandon her kid to use as a political tool.  You take your American citizen child with you.  Instead she left him with the preacher at the church where she was holed up for the last year.  He is now the legal guardian of her son.

I love legal aliens.  Its the illegal ones and their depraved notion of right and wrong and entitlement that has no place in an American society.  The illegals need to fight their fight where the problem is.  Mexico.

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