What Color Is Articulate?

There’s always somebody waiting to be offended, and today it is a college professor who objects to the President using the word ‘articulate’ when describing Sen. Barack Hussein Obama. There was one such example on Fox tonight when O’Reilly had a guest (a black professor at Temple U.) who accused the President of making a racist comment toward Obama when being interviewed by Neil Cavuto the other day.

CAVUTO: How do you think the troops would feel about a President Obama?

BUSH: Oh, I don’t know. He, let’s — he hasn’t gotten elected yet. He hasn’t even gotten the party’s nomination.


BUSH: He’s an attractive guy. He’s articulate. I have been impressed with him when I have seen him in person. But he’s got a long way to go to be president.

CAVUTO: All right.

To turn Bush’s statement into a racial slur of some sort is bigoted in and of itself and smacks of someone with a big chip on their shoulder.

The liberal racial template is at work. When black conservatives come into public awareness, (Thomas, Powell, Rice, Steele, Swann, and Blackwell) the knee-jerk liberal response is that they are Uncle Toms. You don’t hear the left calling them bright and articulate and fine examples for our youth, especially our black youth. No, none of that. Instead, they say the black conservatives are on the republican plantation. So much for coming together.

Democrats apparently look at themselves as the gold standard on race relations. How else can you explain this double standard? Joe Biden gets a pass with his description of Obama, who added ‘clean’ to his attributes. So when a republican, or the President, would say a black democrat is articulate, when he IS, then he is being racist? Just ridiculous. That professor sounds to me like the Johnny Cochran of politics.

In my mind, it would be bigoted to call Colin Powell an Uncle Tom, just as it would be if one were to say Sec. of State Rice sounds ‘white’. Both have racial meaning and are equally destructive. ‘Articulate’ is race neutral, as is ‘bright’, ‘intelligent,’ and ‘clean.’ The time to remove that chip has past.

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