Kerry, Rove’s October Surprise

This Kerry remark, disgraceful as it is, was not an accident by a long shot.  U.S. Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass, speaks in support of California gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides at a rally held at Pasadena City College in Pasadena, Calif., Monday, Oct. 30, 2006. (AP Photo/Ann Johansson) (Ann Johansson - APAnd the way he continues to stand behind that remark is proof enough that it was no accident.  This is John Kerry, Vietnam veteran, jumping out in front of his potential competitors for the 2008 presidential election.  This is good.  The liberal left is right out there for everyone to see.   Karl Rove couldn’t have done it better.  John Kerry became Karl Rove’s October Surprise.


With Liberty And Justice For Most

In Scooter Libby’s case, there was no crime until the investigation began.  Special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is standing by his prosecution of the ‘who leaked Valerie Plame Wilson’s name’ case by insisting that he needn’t have explain why no-one was charged for the leak, even now when everyone knows who the leaker is. It was Colin Powell’s State Dept deputy Richard Armitage who has publicly admitted as much.

What’s up with that?