Air America Off The Air, It’s Rich Democrats’ Fault

Seems the only people who don’t understand business dynamics are the Air America investors.  The ‘start broadcasting and they will come’ business plan is the ultimate business risk.  They ignored or misread the amount of ‘public demand’ for their kind of program message.  But what is worse than that is that they expected rich democrats to help finance them.  That was their first clue that not enough people would want to hear them to make it successful.

In November 2005, founder Sheldon Drobny writes . . .

As I wrote in my book, Road to Air America, Anita and I were initially encouraged about raising the necessary funds for the network. Bill Clinton and Al Gore gave us amazing contacts in Hollywood, Washington, and New York and we visited with almost all of the important rich liberals either directly or through their gate keepers. To our surprise, we did not get a single dollar from any of these people. So we had only our own money and some of our traditional investors to start up Air America Radio. We ultimately had to sell the company reluctantly in November, 2003 because we could not raise the 40-50 million dollars necessary to complete the funding.

The next twelve months included radio stations dropping them.  Not enough advertising revenue for stations to carry them.  Some stations were paid to carry their program.  How’s that for a business model? That was their second clue of impending disaster.

Then came bankruptcy last month with 97 affiliates.  Today they have 92, after losing Madison, Wisconsin, New Orleans, Huntington, WV, and Binghamton, NY and apparently one other somewhere.

Of course there is a conspiracy theory to AAR’s troubles.  Investor Terry Kelly suggests . . .

“I find it puzzling as to the timing given the election results,” said Terry Kelly, one of the founding members of the Air America network and a longtime Madison businessman. “There is no business reason that is apparent to me (for the change), therefore, one wonders what the real reasons may be.”

I’m not in the broadcasting business, but I do play a radio.  Seems to me that being 11th in your market would suffice for a business decision to drop them.  Back in January 2004 I figured that Air America Radio would be nothing more than a mouth organ for the left, instead of a viable business.  Last year Sheldon Drobney and this year Terry Kelly bares that out.

On Saturday, Nov. 11, 2006, Kelly said . . .

“It’s shocking to me, as a good progressive Democrat, the lack of support from wealthy Democrats. That’s the main reason why the company is in financial difficulty,” Kelly said. “I do not know if our efforts will be successful to re- capitalize the company, but I certainly hope so.”

No Terry, the main reason is that not enough people want to hear you.  And here is why.

Economics 101 would suggest a correlation between no credibility and no money.  Business 101 would suggest having a product doesn’t mean anyone will buy it.

San Francisco Values, Jr. ROTC At Risk

The San Francisco Board of Education will vote tomorrow on whether to keep the JROTC programs in their schools.  The decision would affect 1600 students.  Mission Impossible: Get Nancy Pelosi to publicly answer how she would vote if she were on the board.

The San Francisco Board of Education is scheduled to vote Tuesday on ending the JROTC program. Let the trustees know your views. Their e-mail addresses are:

— Norman Yee, president:

— Sarah Lipson, vice president:

— Eddie Y. Chin:

— Dan Kelly:

— Eric Mar:

— Mark Sanchez:

— Jill Wynns:

Note: For the meeting agenda, go to

San Francisco Chronicle  |  Michelle Malkin

Islamofascists Just Love Africa

All the pundits and politicians who think that leaving Iraq before Iraq can take care of themselves, should look at what the terrorists are doing in Africa, where they prey on weak governments, take them over, and breed.  Breed rape, mass murder, and more who will do the same.  Although they have territory, they don’t have a lot of cash.

The situation is Somalia is bad, but no where near as bad as Iraq will be if the terrorists were to be left to dominate there. 

Terrorists need money to do what they do.  If they had control of Iraq’s natural resources, their oil, then the terrorists would have a constant and huge cash flow.  Why, I bet they could buy whatever Russia, France, China, Iran, or North Korea have to sell.  To say that the Iraq war is all about oil is obfuscating the point.  It’s about oil as a money source for terrorists.  It’s about oil for a money source for the people who own it, the Iraqi people.  It’s NOT about oil for Bush, Cheney, and Halliburton.   Duh!

Disclaimer: The link is to a New York Times article so it’s truthfulness should be weighed against what you already know about Somalia and The New York Times.

Disclaimer: CNN International link on Sudan may not be the whole story either.  CNN has admitted to not publishing news favorable to the United States (Saddam’s Iraq) and in publishing terrorist propaganda videos.  It’s truthfulness should be weighed against what you already know about Sudan and CNN.

al-Reuters: Al Qaeda seeking nuclear kit for attacks

Eat The Rich, Shoot The Messenger

Responding to a local editorial taking shots at Rush Limbaugh and spineless politicians afraid to say what they truly believe. . .

You are right in so many ways, especially in the way politicians are afraid to say what they really believe else they’ll never get elected, but wrong about Rush ‘shilling’ for republicans.  But you can’t know that if you listen to Rush’s critics instead of Rush.

Rush has been a huge critic of Bush and republicans in Washington when they deserve it.  But when push comes to shove, in the long run, you have to choose.  Rush chooses free enterprise, freedom, capitalism, and competition, limited government, controlled spending, and the belief that, by and large, the American people know best what to do with their money than ‘the government.’  In that context, republicans have been his choice.  Democrats, by and large, think that government is the solution to all our problems, and the American people are not smart enough to manage themselves and need government to be their parents.  To call that shilling does more to attack the messenger instead of the message, which is another tenet of the democrat party that Rush brings to light.  You’re proving his point on that one.

If you listen to Rush with some regularity, you would know that there wasn’t a bigger critic of Bush when it comes to Bush’s wandering from conservative principles.  From constitutional matters such as the failed McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance ‘Reform’ bill, to energy matters, to out-of-control spending, to letting his judicial nominees rot on the vine.  Rush makes the point that Bush is not conservative in some ways.  Shills don’t do that.

And since when is being ‘rich’ a bad thing?  I assume you feel that way by this paragraph.  You write:

“Here’s a rich, powerful commentator who has been bashing Democrats and pushing Republicans like it was the last chance to save mankind — and now it turns out he really didn’t mean it.”

A big problem with the left in Washington and newsrooms in this country is how the successful become targets to be brought down, instead of examples of how people can be successful if they make the right choices in life and have the freedom to make the right choices in business.  Remember how the Clinton administration wanted to sue the pants off of Bill Gates in the 90’s for being so successful that it was ‘unfair?’  They wanted to split his company up into smaller less successful entities.  Ask AT&T what happened to them, and how that fiasco has finally ended up.

If you can take the selective success-envy out of the debate, you might be able to get down to what really matters.  Are not commentators like Mike Papantonio and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. also rich?  The fact that they have not been successful (Air America Radio & The Ring of Fire) is because of the choices they make.  The free-market speaks for itself.

Carl Wernicke: Save me, and forget the women and children

Howard Dean Has Some Racial Issues Of His Own

I hearken back to early last year when DNC Chair Dr. Dean again invoked the race card when he said that republicans don’t have diversity among them unless they include the wait staff.  He was speaking to the Congressional Black Caucus.  Repulsive as that was, it was ignored by the media.  Here’s another one that will be similarly ignored.  Do the dems have a ‘Michael Steele Problem?’

From Michelle Malkin’s blog:

Well, isn’t this rich? Howard Dean is scolding the Maryland state Democratic Party for being too..white:

Dean says Maryland democrats need more color (black) on the top of their tickets to be successful in ’08.  He still doesn’t get that color is not the issue as much as issues are the issue.  Michael Steele got the endorsements of some prominent black (democrat) leaders not because of his color, certainly not because of his party, but because of his message.

McCain Starts Exploratory Committee For 2008

I just don’t see how anybody who thought the gang of fourteen was a brilliant move could expect to win a nomination or a national election.  The weasel surely is not an endangered animal in the republican party.  Will his exploratory committee draw the same conclusion?  The republican party needs to get back to what wins elections and ideas; conservatism.  They have their own cut-and-run politicians which don’t belong at the top of the party hierarchy, and as founder of the gang of fourteen, McCain is one of them.


RNC Needs A New Chair, A Steele One

Ken Mehlman says he’s had enough fun for 6 years and is leaving as RNC chair for the private sector. Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele, Maria Cino, a former RNC official and now Deputy Secretary of  Transportation, and Mary Matalin, former communications director for VP Cheney are three names supposedly under consideration.

I would be surprised to see Michael Steele take the job as head of the Republican National Committee.  Not because I don’t think he would be a good one, but because he probably has ambitions higher than that.  Prior to this election, I would have said Michael who? It was his campaign that introduced him to me and most of the rest of the country.  I was impressed, and after he said that he identified more with the party of Lincoln than the party of Bush, I liked him even more. I don’t mean to take away from Bush with that comment.  Rather, like Bush, I see Michael Steele as someone with a vision for a better future. Paul at Power Line thinks that taking that position could hurt his electability in Maryland.  That might be the case in Maryland.  But I think that Steele is ready for a larger stage.  Libertas at HipHopRepublican seems pumped to see Steele as the RNC chair. I know I’d like to see it happen.

Steele would, if he took the position, be making history in more ways than one.  The other is that his vision may be just what the doctor ordered to help the Republican Party get on the right track, get the majority back, and make this country better than where we are today.

Mary Matalin is another excellent choice.  And like Steele, a good communicator.  According to the resumes however, it looks like Maria Cino would be the one.

Whoever becomes the RNC chairman, they better make embracing conservatism their guiding light. We have learned that a compassionate conservative isn’t conservative.  A compassionate conservative is one who embraces entitlement programs regardless of the cost, and not based on need, but rather on age.  (the prescription drug program) Economically speaking, the only difference between a compassionate conservative and a liberal is that the liberal wants to spend even more.

Bush And Republicans Get Spanked

When you stop doing the things that got you elected, you won’t get re-elected. That’s what happened yesterday in the 2006 mid-term elections.  But it was more than just that.

The media’s assault on the administration and the war-on-terror has had a cumulative effect on public opinion. All of which went unanswered. By allowing the spin to go unanswered, Bush allowed the people of this country to be misled on the Iraq war.  It never was he doing the misleading.  The fact that too many people don’t understand that Iraq is a front on the global war on terror is proof enough for me.  Too many people think the Iraq war is not part of the war-on-terror.  Never mind that everyone should be united in wanting to end this war by winning it, instead of just ending it, which appears to be the Dems and the George Soros wing of the Democrat Party’s plan.

In his farewell comments today, Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld summed it up perfectly when he said that this is a war unlike any other we or anyone else has ever engaged in. Everything about fighting it is unconventional.  He added that this is the most misunderstood war in history.  By last night’s election results, I’d say he is right.

Knowing that this country expects wars to be short and sweet, and with little to no casualties, the President’s failure to continue to make the point that this isn’t a microwavable war is also reflected in the vote yesterday.  He made that point in the beginning, but his detractors weren’t listening and have short memories.  The left is always asking Bush what mistakes he has made in this war.  His biggest mistake is not being engaged in the media war early on. By not repeating over and over and over again, that this is going to be a long war that will extend long after the Iraq war has ended and our troops have come home, the voters have grown impatient and haven’t bought the notion that they really do need to be protected offensively, not defensively, and for a long time to come.

Belly up to the counter. Politics are on the menu and Ross is on the grill.