This Campaign Is Over, But It Ain't Over

There is plenty to blame John McCain for, for his loss in the race to be President. No question the Obama campaign and his organization won, but there is something to be said about not that Obama won it, but McCain lost it. He lost it by handicapping his own campaign when he decided from the start that he wasn’t going to bring up all of Obama’s nefarious alliances involved with his political career. No surprise that the media wasn’t going to either.

Another of his shortcomings was his attacks on his own supporters who did bring them up, and also to those who dared to use Obama’s own middle name. He was quick to defend Obama at every occasion. That chivalrous action was not appreciated, except by his opponent.

Now that the campaign is over, his own campaign staff is trashing Gov. Palin. We are still being told about anonymous sources from within his campaign that are showing their respect, or lack thereof, for Gov. Palin. And also showing their lack of respect for the one who hired them, McCain himself. Loyalty? Forget it. Some weasels are still talking about her wardrobe, now questioning her intelligence, to the willing ears of the media. The Left should be grateful that the McCain campaign is taking the first shot at handicapping Palin for any future political endeavor. The question here is, why isn’t John McCain out there coming to her defense? Why isn’t he out there telling his own people to stop?

If there is anything to be learned from this whole episode, it is that John McCain is just as much a chameleon as Barack Obama. And the next time the good senator reaches across the aisle, he should just stay there.

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