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Is al Qaeda Training In Venezuela?

News of Hugo Chavez allowing, if not sponsoring himself, al Qaeda to establish a training camp on Margarita Island in Venezuela is beginning to bubble up. Not surprisingly, this news has not risen to the level that the mainstream media feels we need to know. They’re probably waiting until the dirty bomb or mushroom cloud goes off before reporting it. No need to investigate now you know. Where is Brian Ross when you need him?

As is being reported elsewhere, the terrorists/Islamofascists are learning to speak Spanish with a Mexican accent, and to look, dress, and act Mexican (however you do that I have no clue). Then it is just a short waltz across the unguarded Mexican border to deliver terror to the United States. But don’t take my word for it. Just pick your search engine of choice for a combination of al Qaeda, training camps, Venezuela, and/or Chavez and see for yourself.

Update 1/13/08: Just discovered that the website out of Caracas, “” no longer exists.  No doubt taken down by the Chavez ‘government.’