Obama Votes ‘Present’ On Weinergate

Missing yet another chance to raise the moral bar, White House press secretary Jay Carney said, “We have no comment” on congressman Weiner’s latest indiscretions. Weiner has admitted to exchanging explicit photos and messages through Twitter, Facebook, email and occasionally on the phone with roughly six women in recent years.

To be honest, there was no vote. No comment. Present. What’s the difference? What’s worse, the Obama administration is showing zero leadership in expecting higher standards. Where you expecting something else from our president?

Link: First Democrat in Congress demands Weiner resign

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One thought on “Obama Votes ‘Present’ On Weinergate”

  1. There is another aspect to the Weinergate story as well, having to do with his purportedly pregnant wife, Huma.

    And with Huma’s Muslim background AND her close association with the Clintons. Very close indeed! Some national security issues there, by the way.

    Bill Clinton wants Weiner to resign before people start asking too many questions about Weiner, his wife, and the Clintons.

    Now, if Obozo were to weigh in on this topic by defending Weiner, he would be hurting Hillary’s chances in 2012, but he would also be drawing negative attention to himself – and to the rumors of his homosexual contacts in Chicago’s gay clubs.

    On the other hand, if Obozo were to pressure Weiner to resign, he would be helping to preserve Hillary’s and Bill’s image, thus bolstering a potential rival in 2012.

    So from his own point of view, the best thing for him to do would be to steer clear of the whole thing.

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