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Have you seen Red Skelton’s Pledge of Allegiance? Note: if you don’t know who Red Skelton is, then you’ve grown up in the entitlement generation and really need to see this short video.

Red Skelton Pledge

Jimmy Kimmel skit, ‘guess what’s in my pants.’ Hilarious if not a little on the blue side.

Guess What’s In My Pants

This file is an assortment of pictures in powerpoint format. You’ll need a powerpoint viewer to see these interesting pictures. You can download a free viewer HERE.

What a Split Second Looks Like

Blues legend Etta James in hospital.

“She’s been in a pretty big battle,” her son Donto James told Reuters. The singer has been in hospital for a week.

Mr James said his mother, 72, became ill while in a detoxification clinic for treatment to an addiction to painkillers and other medicines.