Cheney, Biden, And The War On Terror

In his interview on Meet The Press today,Vice President Biden affirms Cheney’s assessment that this administration is not fighting the enemy as our enemy. I would add that the administration does not know or will not acknowledge who the enemy is.

MR. GREGORY: What about the general proposition that the president, according to former Vice President Cheney, doesn’t consider America to be at war and is essentially soft on terrorism? What do you say about that?

VICE PRES. BIDEN: I don’t think the vice–the former vice president, Dick Cheney, listens. The president of the United States said in the State of the Union, “We’re at war with al-Qaeda.” He stated this.

Biden’s answer obfuscates who the enemy is. It’s Biden and Obama who are ignoring reality, if not re-writing history.

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The real enemy here is Islamic extremists all over the world. It is not only alQaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan. In that respect, Cheney is right and Biden is just trying to spin his way out of Obama’s inability or unwillingness to express the truth of exactly who our enemy is and what it is we are fighting.

For a real look at who our enemy is and the religious fanaticism that is aimed at killing us, check out this piece from David Horowitz from 2002 entitled Know The Enemy.

Link: ‘Meet the Press’ transcript for February 14, 2010 |  David Horowitz, Know The Enemy