Let Me Be Clear, Liberals And Free Speech

Liberals, including the so-called mainstream Democrats in Escambia County, continue to demonstrate how very un-democratic they are. Their actions speak louder than their words.

The new Chairman of the Democratic Executive Committee, James Turner, endorses Alex Sink in his first press release. Months before the Democratic Primary, bypassing the ‘democratic’ process. Not totally surprising either when you consider that the Florida Democratic Party has already given one candidate, Alex Sink, $1,321,502.20. What’s the point in the primary process again?

Then there’s the way Liberals treat Conservatives. Speaking from personal experience, I’ve had the pleasure of being banned from Mike Papantonio’s website, ‘by popular demand’ according to Scotty the administrator.  That’s lawyer-speak for Mike doesn’t want any conservatives posting on his website, which tends to be populated by a handful of lemmings that are just as rabid as he is. I guess the big talker can’t handle it. The Pensacola News Journal however, tends to respect political discourse even though they don’t engage in it themselves. I’m still waiting, however, for their editors to engage in some. Nine months and counting. . .

My next experience of being ‘banned in Pensacola’ is on Escambia Democrats.org. The official website of the Escambia County Democratic Party. They have a peculiar way of welcoming users. I was a registered user there yesterday. After participating in the public forum for registered users, today I get this:


Your login is blocked.

And when I go to any other page on the website, this blurb pops up.

“Login denied! Your account has either been blocked or you have not activated it yet. Did you not get an activation e-mail and follow the validation link?”

Showing an unwillingness to deal with, discuss, or debate issues seems to be a soft spot over there. Here is the explanation from the admin, Henry Coe, Jr.

The reason you were blocked is because what you typed in response to the article had nothing to do with the article. Being that you are treasurer for Escambia County Libertarian Party, what ever that is, I suggest you post your political spin crap on your own website.

I’m not apposed to real debate or real conversation in relation to articles, but you were redirecting the topic and interjecting spin with your posting on our forum. I have better things to do than to spend my time keeping up with people who are manipulative and abusive.

Have a nice day.

The forum article was about man-made global warming mis-statements or some such. I suggested that, in light of more revelations from the Jones guy, that that post should be updated, and something like isn’t it time to move on? But since it and my comments were removed, I think Mr. Coe’s note makes my point. And for further clarification, here is a portion of the Escambia Democrats’ ‘about’ page . . .

This web site is designed to help people be informed.

Specifically it is designed for Escambia County Florida Residence. More specifically than that is it is use to help support, educate and inform Democrats in Escambia County Florida, though we are glad to share and thank you for finding and using our web site.



We have a forum where topics can be started by anyone and forum conversations can be had by anyone who is a member of this web site.

So you can see why I was surprised to see the ‘blocked’ response. I didn’t see a ‘Democrats Only’ notice. I wonder if I would be accepted if I changed my voter registration to Democrat? They have such an open tent. At least that’s what they claim. RicksBlog is not as sensitive to speech, although all of my comments there are queued for moderation, including one on the ‘IN rising star.’

Other traits, aside from the normal name-calling, of Left-oriented blogs or websites is the tendency to keep their blogrolls free of conservative blogs. There seems to be this need to create a cocoon of liberal opinion and not allow opposing views or blogs that may contain an opposing view. Reference Coe’s comments above, and RicksBlog and the Pensacola Beach Blog blogrolls for example. The latter of which has some old and inactive blogs listed. You will see that The Lunch Counter is not on either of their blogrolls. And it’s not because I haven’t politely asked.

Now let me be clear, (oh I like that pompous phrase, don’t you?) bloggers have control over what they include or exclude on their sites. I’m not suggesting otherwise. I’m merely noting the pattern of liberal bloggers as I see it. Your mileage may vary.

A look at the LINKS page here will show that I encourage all opinion, no matter how nuts it is. I have a special category for The Left because I think people ought to be able to see what others have to say. So I offer up the most vocal and rabid among them. Especially since some of them have the eyes and ears of The White House.

Aren’t political blogs in Pensacola fun?

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9 thoughts on “Let Me Be Clear, Liberals And Free Speech”

  1. I know you said you were not going to post in the PNJ.com forum again, but I did replay to your post.
    You said those conversations need to happen in regard the IPCC stuff you brought up. That’s where we can do it. I know you have difficulty with staying on topics, but I’ll be glad to work with you on keeping the conversation focused.
    You can start a new topic on Global Temperatures for the last 100 years, or something like that, or we can continue one of the other conversation that have been going on for weeks. 🙂
    Of course in order to talk about the science, we have to talk about the science. The conversation won’t work if the premise of all you points are based in a conspiracy theory about wealth distribution. Just FYI.

  2. Here is a link to the topic I started (that I mentioned above) in regard to what you posted here.
    There you can explain to me why a Democrat Party web site should be allowed to be open season for any kind of off topic political spin from other parties
    Do you think I should have links on the DEC website for Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh also?

    It’s neat when you’ll do that off topic stuff. You’ll won’t want to talk about the specific article or a part of the article, but what you will do is bring up off topic implications in the form of questions where you try to send the conversation in 3 or 4 different directions that have nothing to do specifically with the article.
    Once that takes place, the topic just ends up going down 3 or 4 different rabbit trails that lead to 3 or 4 more rabbit trails and so on.
    It seems you are wanting to exploit this thing as though folks should just shake their heads about me being unfair even though you being unfair in topic jumping is for some reason ok.
    I know getting off topic and re-framing is a political norm for the Right and has been for at least two decades. That is a tool that you’ll use, whether intentionally manipulative or unintentionally through learned traditions, it ends up obstructing progress in conversations and in America and when nothing gets done, all you’ll can do is blame the other guy and accuse them of being unfair.
    The reason you’ll end up blaming the other guy as though they are unfair is because you have nothing else. You’ll never come to any part of any conversation with specifics and you redirect topics.
    So in the context of our web site not being like your web site or PNJ web site or the REC’s web site or Progressive Pensacola’s or escambialp, these are all separate web sites with with separate functions for different reasons. There is no reason for any of them to be the same and because they are different, that doesn’t mean they are necessarily bad or wrong.
    So why did you get ban from Pap’s web site? Did it have anything to do with you taking conversations off topic?

  3. It doesn’t sound like you followed what I was saying. I was suggesting you could have those conversations on the PNJ.com forum, not the DEC forum.

  4. Well, I’m glad I was instrumental in creating some discussion on the Escambia Democrats website. I’ll try logging on when I have time. The issues are important.

  5. “The forum article was about man-made global warming mis-statements or some such.” Or some such?
    Btw, I posted your article with your comments on http://www.pnj.com forum, including your comments that I removed. There is all kind of spin in that forum. You should be able to find many like minded folks there that also ignore topics and subject matter when spinning their spin.
    Some of them also regurgitate the same kind of Hannity implied statements that are in the form of questions and spin, like you posed as a reply.

    There are also already conversations and discussion in regard to the topic of the questions you posted on the DEC site that were not specific to the article.

    Like I said, I have no problem debating topics. If you want to post baited off topic questions, pnj forum is a good place to do that.

  6. Funny saga indeed. Move over Jersey Shore. 😉

    And thanks for the plug Judge. It’s easy to find common ground over a cheesesteak, no matter your political bent. I’d take a cheesesteak summit to a beer summit any day.

  7. I just noticed while reading “Blogs, They’re Out There,” that you run Philly’s Cheesesteaks on Creighton Road. Bravo! Those are the best cheesesteaks this side of South St.

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