Action Alert: Renew Patriot Act

Time is coming for parts of the Patriot Act to expire if not explicitly renewed by Congress.  As you can imagine, or not, the Left at are panicked over what they have been calling illegal spying.

What was made painfully clear years ago and in the report from the 9/11 Commission was that al Qaeda’s goal, besides killing you and me, was to recruit US citizens to carry out their mission. The Left ignored it, calling it scare tactics of the war mongering Bush administration

We’ve been here before and so far, the Patriot Act has done nothing but save our collective ass from attacks. No grandmother has been arrested for her reading list at the public library. However, several terrorist attacks have been thwarted since that time, including several last week, thanks to the tools afforded law enforcement  by the Patriot Act. Some of those arrested last week were US citizens who were successfully recruited by al Qaeda and actually went to Pakistan for terrorist training. Hear that Fertik?

The time has come to counter the efforts of Bob Fertik at, and Russ Feingold and Dick Durbin, to tie the hands of those trying to protect us, to wit:

We elected Democratic majorities to Congress in 2006 to end illegal spying by the Bush Administration. At long last, Senators Russ Feingold and Dick Durbin are leading the way, but all the other Democrats in Congress need to join them.

It’s time to repeal telecom immunity for illegal spying and roll back the worst abuses of the PATRIOT ACT.

Maybe they did, but the American people didn’t. Write your elected representatives and the Congressional leadership today. Tell them the only changes you want to the Patriot Act would be changes that would make it better at combating terrorism both home and abroad, not worse. Tell them that telecom companies with the technical ability to help Homeland Security should be held harmless when they actually do help Homeland Security.

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