U.K. Today

News from across the pond ought to at least be a heads up on what to expect from our social engineers in The White House. Folks in the UK are much further along in this sort of thing. I guess you can say they are more ‘progressive?’

First, in a blow to men, women in the UK have been given what they are calling ‘equal birth rights.’ What?

Women in same-sex relationships can now register both their names on the birth certificate of a child conceived as a result of fertility treatment.

Female couples not in a civil partnership but receiving fertility treatment may also both be registered.

Birth certificates won’t be showing a Mother and Mother, but a Parent and Parent. Well isn’t that special? How long before gay men who use a surrogate breeder file a discrimination suit? ? I’m just saying.

Second and Third are about Health Care in the UK, where it is under government control. Ahem.

Second . . .

Researchers have claimed the food provided in prisons is better than in NHS hospitals.

Third . . . Cancer drugs in the UK are now free. But they can’t seem to give them away.

Nearly two thirds of the 150,000 cancer patients in England have not applied for free prescriptions – five months after they became available. The £7.20 prescription charge was abolished for cancer patients after decisions in the rest of the UK to scrap all fees.

Doctors’ groups responded by saying bureaucracy was putting patients off. Dr Richard Vautrey, of the BMA, said “Patients just cannot face filling out papers when they have cancer.”

Macmillian Cancer Support, a British charity said . . .

Mike Hobday, head of campaigns and policy at the charity, said: “More than four months after the introduction of free prescriptions, it’s worrying that the overwhelming majority of cancer patients are still scrimping and saving to pay for their medication.

Scrimping? At less than $12.00 USD per prescription, they are scrimping? How’s that socialist stuff working again? Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had it right when she said ‘the problem with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.’

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