Revised Declaration Of Independence?

Interesting piece by Tom Purcell at FrontPage Magazine, reflecting on the Declaration of Independence and how far our government has strayed from its roots. Something like this . . .

  • In the course of human events it is necessary, now and again, to dissolve our political bands with the ninnies who keep abandoning our founding principles.
  • It used to be self-evident that our government’s role was primarily to protect certain unalienable rights, such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
  • It used to be that our government did the bidding of the people — that any power it derived was solely through the consent of the governed.
  • It used to be our country believed in limited government — that government at its best was a necessary evil and should be aggressively restrained.
  • But too many of the birds running things these days don’t see it that way.

The end result has divided the country into two coalitions of people. The Taking-Coalition and the Leave-Us-Alone Coalition. The politicians in Washington from both parties are guilty of building this mess, supporting it with spending bills, and complaining that they can’t seem to spend enough of our money, and want more.

Take on a gimmicky mortgage bigger than you could afford? Not to worry. Our esteemed Congress is pushing through a $300 billion bill to bail you out with taxpayer dough.

Struggling at the pump now that energy prices are at record highs? Not to worry. Some of our politicians promise to tax energy companies lots more so they can pay your energy bills for you.

You take one Obama administration, add one Supreme Court Justice, and the original Declaration of Independence and Constitution, for all practical purposes, will become a mere footnote in history.

link: A New Declaration of Independence

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