Mental Recession And Its Whiners

Had to come to the defense of Sen. Phil Gramm for his comments about ‘mental recession’ and ‘whiners.’ After all, John McCain didn’t. Pensacola News Journal editor Carl Wernicke misses the big picture in his Gramm hit piece entitled ‘It’s all in our heads? Take a pill, get over it.‘ And where are these whiners Gramm was talking about anyway?

The ‘mental recession’ that Gramm was talking about was the one created by nearly 8 years of running down the Bush administration at every step of the way. A direct result of the effectiveness of how the media can shape, if not create, public opinion to mirror their own. So for that, you and others in the MSM can be proud of your success. But the antidote is simple. Don’t read the papers and it will go away.

Talk jobs? The big picture is unemployment still in the 5% range. Not all that bad.

Talk recession? Two quarters of negative growth. Haven’t yet had one month of negative growth.

Talk price of gas? The media’s party, the Democrat party, is responsible for preventing any increase in supply from happening starting with Bush’s first term. No, starting with Clinton’s first term.

There’s your mental recession.

The whiners? (Enter number here) Americans don’t have (enter Democrat entitlement here). There they are.

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