Chavez May Thank Democrats for H.R.5351

Yes, he can thank Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) and 36 co-sponsors, all democrats, for passing H.R.5351, to provide incentives as only Democrats can. What they call tax incentives, is actually an $18 billion tax increase on oil companies and oil producers. But not all companies and producers. CITGO, Hugo Chavez’s oil company (as opposed to the other U.S. oil companies that he seized in Venezuela last year) would be exempt.

So this is how Democrats in Washington plan on fixing our energy problem of high prices and oil dependency? You punish the only people here that can help, and you reward the hemisphere’s idiot, Hugo Chavez. And as an added bonus, we continue to be dependent on OPEC, Venezuela, and Russia for resources that we have but are unwilling to get ourselves.

On February 27, the Democrat-led U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 5351 — legislation that increases taxes some $18 billion on American oil and gas producers — guaranteeing higher prices at the gas pump for U.S. consumers — while at the same time leaving intact tax breaks for Venezuela’s state-run oil company CITGO.

That’s right; the House-passed legislation exempts one of the most anti-American dictators in the world, Hugo Chavez, from the massive tax increase.

The Sierra Club, a Democrat special interest group, refers to this bill as ‘climate change legislation.’ No surprise there. The next stop for the bill is the Senate. Now would be the time to let your senators know your objection to this bill.

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Kids Killing Kids, In Pensacola?

Kids killing kids goes on in small cities too, like right here in Pensacola, Florida, for example. Philadelphia has been dealing with a record murder rate this year, mostly kids, mostly black. Such was the case last night in Pensacola outside a teen dance.

There are at least two mothers who wish this had never happened. And, had the juvenile justice system not broken down, what happened last night might not have happened at all.

The investigation will hopefully lead to who pulled the trigger among the 16 and 17 year olds present. Whoever the perp(s) turns out to be, the investigation will prompt some questions outside of what happened last night. Like these, did any of the youths held for suspicion of murder have a criminal record? If so, were any of them subsequently found to be in violation of probation? If so, were any of them given a new probation instead of being returned to jail where, obviously, he could not have been downtown last night? According to a source close to the investigation, the answer to all three of these questions is YES.

Philadelphia has a plan, borne out of desperation perhaps, but it deals with the problem where it exists. On the streets and with the kids. This is more than a law enforcement problem, this is a societal problem of broken families and broken hope, where being bad is cool. Can Pensacola put 100 men on the street to save a generation in trouble? How about 10? The community must stand up to the challenge.

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