Obama Speaks At Concert Venue In Berlin

Like what happened in Oregon a few months ago, which was also ignored by the media, the crowd of over 100,000 young people in Berlin today were there because of a day and night of rock concerts more than they were there to see Barack Obama. al-AP describes it this way . . .

Police estimated that more than 200,000 people came to watch the speech, according to The Associated Press.

Oddly enough, the estimates of the size of the crowd varies from between 100,000 and 200,000. I guess it depends on who you want to credit with the turnout, the concert performers or the American political performer, Barack Obama.

Wolf Blitzer’s report on the ‘Situation Room’ said that the crowd was there to see Barack. The truth is that they had no choice but to sit through Barack’s performance. Got to give his campaign credit for the image that the pictures of the crowd create, disingenuous as it is. Trouble with all that is, Barack isn’t running for German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s job.

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  1. HA! I haven’t gotten to his speech yet.

    I’m talking about the way the media is reporting this event as if ALL the people there came to see him and ONLY him. It is, by the media’s omission of the rock concert with a band that is like U2, that they are mischaracterizing the entire event (boy, where’s the surprise there) for the entire ENTIRE benefit of their chosen candidate, you know who.

    According to Spiegel Online . . .

    ‘The tens of thousands of Obama fans are being entertained as they await the senator. The reggae musician Patrice kicked things off, followed by the rock band Reamonn.’

    As for his speech, I like the way he told the people of Berlin how strong their will to survive was during WWII and the Cold War. That was nice. As I recall, Germany, for the most part, lost. He missed an opportunity, a perfect opportunity, to toot the horn of the Unites States for defending freedom around the world, as in Germany, and as we are today in the Middle East.

    He didn’t have to say, although it is true,that were it not for the United States, they wouldn’t have been there today.

    But he missed a chance to show how proud he is of OUR country too. Instead, I heard how bad (in his opinion) we are, or were. I’m not sure. He didn’t seem to make a distinction from ‘are’ and ‘were.’
    Tearing down the walls, I liked that. Trying to lower the sea-level will be a tuffy. Sharing benefits ‘more equitably?’ My socialist alarm is ringing. Germany doesn’t need them. And we will help poor people around the world, as if we don’t do more than any other country on earth already.

    Other than that, it sounded and looked good. It’s just a shame that it’s coming from an empty suit. That’s how I feel about his speech.

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