When Good Is Bad, And Bad Is Good

It’s hard to understand the thought processes of liberals because they often don’t make any sense. Take the news of Air America Radio for example. The quiet news of their bankruptcy and auctioning off of their assets doesn’t quite jibe with the splash news (Feb. 1st) that Air America is in their golden age, a shining star.

In their world, success is not rewarded or respected, failure is. Jimmy Carter, Madeline Albright, Al Gore, and Joe Wilson come to mind. I’m not praising them for being so clever as to, with the help of the MSM, be so successful at spinning the news of the day and influencing the unwashed. They really have a problem with calling a spade a spade.

Goodbye! (From Me, Eric)
by Eric Hananoki on February 13, 2007 – 4:07pm.
As all of you probably know by now, tomorrow is the last day of The Al Franken Show and, subsequently, the last day of employment for me with Al and Air America Radio. It’s been an absolute blast and dream working for the show the past two years.

I want to thank those that emailed the show your suggestions, comments, and hate e-mails the past three years. I also especially want to thank all of you, even the users I banned, that contributed to the AlFrankenShow.com’s blog. It’s been great getting to know many of you, and seeing you at some of the Al Franken road shows.

If you ever need to contact me in the near future, please feel free to shoot me an email at halona@gmail.com. Take care, and keep fighting,


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