Obama, Republicans Just Don't Care

There will always be people that just collapse at the mention of  Barack Obama, a few Democrats in Washington excepted. But tonight’s performance of President Obama’s fourth press conference to sell his health care plan was, thank you Dick Gebhardt, a dismal failure.  He rambled on to obfuscate answering questions to the point beyond which he came off as knowing what he was talking about. It was embarrassing to watch.

But he did make one thing clear. That if you don’t like his health care plan, then you’re not for improving health care. You know, when Bush told the world’s leaders that where the war on terror is concerned, you’re either with us or against us, that was laying out the line to defend us as well as the rest of the world. The Obama version of this is not directed at terrorists or world leaders, but rather right-wing extremists, otherwise known as Republicans. So much for all that ‘working together’ malarkey.

Don’t know why it didn’t occur to him that most Republicans and right-thinking Democrats can’t seem to swallow the whole socialized health-care idea that the President has in mind. Key word is ‘idea.’ This health care plan isn’t totally written yet, and Obama wants it voted on before Congress takes a vacation in two weeks.

Last I knew, lowering the cost of health care was a bi-partisan issue of serious concern. Normal Americans, as opposed to people like Bill Ayers, Saul Alinsky, and Barack Obama, believe that lowering health care costs can be done within the private sector and without socializing the industry and twenty percent of the economy.

3 thoughts on “Obama, Republicans Just Don't Care”

  1. Excellent point Hillary. Thanks in large part to big labor, the NEA, the cost of education has been increasing faster than even health care. And there is NO effort in Washington to do anything about that.

    We’ve been snookered by the mantra ‘its for the children,’ which means we’re not supposed to question any amount of spending in that sector. But they sure question it when it comes to health care don’t they?

  2. I care about a lot of things. The dwindling level of our education standars.

    I really care about educating my daughter. Unfortunately I stupidly advised her on responsibility and birth control so I will pay for her college instead of being able to sign her up for the Obama unwed mothers FREE college education.

    What was I thinking?

  3. Well the government has done such a wonderful job managing social security, education, into the ground soooooo

    why not build a big, big, big government arm to administer all the healthcare to all the people, even our beloved mexicans aliens . Let’s wrap our tax dollars around everyone. $pread the love!

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