Home Is Where Your Butt Is

Here’s a headline for the ages. ‘Judge rules Ohio homeless voters may list park benches as addresses‘ I get the point. Owning a home is not a prerequisite for voter eligibility, neither is having an address. You have to be of age, and a U.S. citizen (unless you live in California), and that’s it.

The notion of listing a Kenmore refrigerator box (the double door model) at the Interstate exit 10 overpass as an address is a condition ripe for voter fraud. And in Ohio no less.

Lawsuits like this one, driven by activist groups like ACORN, are not out to empower the homeless. They are out to create chaotic conditions that make it next to impossible to verify the validity or eligibility of a voter, and what better way to do that than to pick someone like this? Do you think that either of these two people 1) know who the candidates are and 2) know when election day is and 3) know where their voting precinct is and 4) give a dam about voting over finding food and a place to rest their head?

Absent a state issued photo ID, which Ohio and Barack Obama do not support, how can they be verified to be both a resident of the state and of age? Beyond all that, voting day should not be about rounding up the homeless, disturbing their sleep, hauling them to the polls, and asking them to vote for your candidate, maybe for a cigarette or a beer. That is an abomination of the electoral process. You’ve heard of push-polling? This would be push-voting.

Just because legal citizens have a right to vote does not mean that they have to, or that they even should. Choosing our elected representatives should be done by informed citizens making the effort on their own, and not by herders of the homeless like ACORN and community organizers.

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