How The Left Likes Capitalism

What does the left like about capitalism? Air America Radio host Mike Papantonio has something to say about it in this weeks gem of an article, ‘Deregulation a bonanza for Big Business, not for you.’

‘During the long run of Republican leadership, prior to the Great Depression, Corporate America and the Republicans had an agreement: government would not regulate’

The premise is BS. No matter when in time. Free enterprise is not free if it is overly regulated. That could only be offensive to a socialist.

‘Corporations were able to generate bigger profits at the expense of workers’

Success is always attributed to one of two things by the left. It is either ‘at the expense of workers’ or ‘on the backs of workers.’

‘Eight years of deregulation have again been profitable for Big Business’

That’s a good thing. Proving the point that capitalism is handicapped and deformed when regulated. Oh the success of the capitalistic system.

‘but not for the average American.’

. . . more socialist-speak.

He goes on in the article but, generally speaking, much of Papantonio’s rants and writings seem to follow a checklist like this one. They’re all there in this week’s installment. But this checklist is not exclusive to Papantonio. You’ll find this checklist employed everywhere the far left resides.

Exxon, BIG OIL, check.
Halliburton, like BIG OIL, only worse, check.
Tom DeLay, check.
Karl Rove, check.
Dick Cheney, check.
Enron, check.
Wall Street, check.
AT&T, check.
Shell Oil, BIG OIL, check. Did I mention BIG OIL?

Bio: Mike Papantonio hosts a nationally syndicated radio show, the Ring of Fire, on Air America Radio and is the founder of He is a partner in the Levin Papantonio law firm in Pensacola.

link: Deregulation a bonanza for Big Business, not for you.

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