Cheesesteak News

The cheesesteak. Can you think of a sandwich that carries more sway and passion with aficionados? I can’t. Some disturbing news out of Philly. Coming from a big win last month by being chosen the best cheesesteak in Philadelphia, John Bucci, 42, owner of John’s Roast Pork is now fighting preleukemia and preparing for a bone marrow transplant. Bucci’s spry 75 year old mother, Vonda, also a fixture at the shop, has a lot to deal with. And she will. ‘I have to have faith,’ she says. Vonda, our prayers are with you and your son and family.

On a much lighter note. What kind of cheese belongs on a cheesesteak? A recent survey showed American Cheese first, followed by Provolone. Cheez Whiz came in third. We use White American by default at Philly’s. IMHO, it offers the best blend of flavor for most cheesesteak lovers. Mozzarella is pretty good too but didn’t make the top three. As for the Wiz, I agree with Vonda at John’s Roast Pork. I prefer real cheese to a concoction made in a laboratory.

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