How About A Recession Plate For 2.99?

Great story in the local paper today about a small business owner Sharon Ray, 61, owner of Ray’s Bar-B-Que, who recently started selling a “Recession Plate.”

The lunch plate, which includes two mini-barbecue sandwiches and a side of fries, is Ray’s attempt to help ease what she described as “Pensacola’s recession.”

One of the best ways to turn a recession around is not to participate in it, like Sharon Ray. This isn’t a turn lemons into lemonade story. This is a story of how a smart business entrepreneur can preserve her customers and business during tough times. Kudos to Sharon Ray of Ray’s Bar-B-Que. I gotta check them out. Not just because of this article, but because I’ve always considered myself to be a ‘common-sewer’ of fine foods, and will travel for great ribs and a good pork sandwich.

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