Clinton Consistent On Coal

After Bill Clinton’s second run for President, it was learned of a Chinese connection in illegal campaign contributions. Back then, Bill Clinton created a 1.8 million acre monument in southern Utah. On its face, an innocuous move, making environmentalists (also contributors) happy. Everybody feels good about a new park. What wasn’t mentioned was the coal reserves located in that 1.8 million acres.

The effect of creating that ‘monument’ was to take our country’s largest deposit of low-sulphur coal off of the market and out of bounds from mining. Now a quick mineralogical lesson. There are only two known low-sulphur coal reserves in the world, one of which is under this land in Utah that was blocked off by Clinton and the other of which is in China. We then see the Rhiady family, acting as intermediaries between Clinton and the Chinese government, which was making illegal donations to the Clinton campaign.

Over a decade ago, Bill Clinton didn’t blink an eye at handing a huge advantage to China while at the same time helping to cripple the coal industry at home. That was when he was trolling for campaign contributions.

So two days ago, while Clinton is looking for votes, he speaks to an audience in a small mining town in Wyoming . . .

But here was Bill Clinton in southwest Wyoming, two days before Saturday’s Democratic caucuses, telling about 1,000 people how his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, would establish 10 clean-coal technology projects if elected president in November.

“Some environmentalists don’t think we ought to be doing anything with coal, but they’re wrong,” he said. “Think about it, you could become, maybe, the first totally energy-independent state in the United States.”

They don’t call him ‘Slick Willy’ for nothing.   That would have been the time to ask Mr. Clinton why, if he is so behind the coal industry, he wrote off our reserves with a stroke of a pen?  It is easy to see Clinton’s consistency when it comes to our natural resources.  His and Hillary’s interests always come before the country’s interest.  He’ll sell you short, or he’ll sell you snake oil, as long as he/she gets elected.

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