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On the food front, uncooked tomatoes are under suspicion.

McDonald’s said Monday that it had stopped serving sliced tomatoes in its restaurants over concerns about salmonella food poisoning linked to uncooked tomatoes.

In Pensacola, our distributor has stopped sales of fresh tomatoes until the FDA can decide whether Florida growers are involved.

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Those folks at the Onion News Network are something else.

Now view it again and read the crawl at the bottom.

New Wearable Feedbags Let Americans Eat More, Move Less

The world famous tram cars on the Wildwood boardwalk see their 60th anniversary this year. To celebrate, they will charge what they charged back in 1949 for a one-way ride, a thin dime. Well, for one day anyway.

To mark the start of the Wildwoods Boardwalk tram cars’ 60th year, a ride on the famous trams will be just 10 cents one-way Wednesday, the same fare charged in 1949 when the trams made their debut.

Patrick Rosenello, executive director of the Boardwalk Special Improvement District, which operates the trams, said the drastic fare reduction – the current rate is $2 each way – was a perfect way to acknowledge an important piece of Wildwoods history.

“I think the trams are synonymous with the Boardwalk,” Rosenello said, adding, “Not having the trams would be like taking the wood off the Boardwalk.”

Another thing synonymous with the tram cars was the warning message the conductor played as they approached walkers in their way. Watch the tramcar please! Some kids and tourists would ignore the approaching tram just to hear the message. Yea, guilty.


aSide Order

Dang, here’s a headline that’ll get your attention. ‘Fourth foot discovered off Canada’s Pacific coast.’

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) — For the fourth time in less than a year, a right human foot has been found off one of four different islands in the Strait of Georgia in British Columbia.
Police said Friday that they do not know if there are any links among the feet.

Rush comments on AP story that the cost of our backyard BBQ this Memorial Day weekend is up $6 over last year. Obama’s message. And Rush’s message, Grill away!

A good video of a favorite guitar player of mine. Joe Bonamassa, live on Dutch TV.

aSide Order

Are you as shocked as this white guy to learn what goes on in some, I hope very very few, black churches on Sunday? From Barack Obama’s former minister and still ‘spiritual leader’ spewing political and racial hatred, to a church in Harlem that tore Obama to shreds, from the pulpit. Is is painful to hear. I don’t care if you read The Lord’s Prayer on Sunday and spew that political and racial hatred, it doesn’t qualify to be the tax exempt entity it is supposed to be. Question is, how is it that THESE churches still have tax exempt status?  Not to mention how damaging it is to the life and spirit of generations of black children being exposed to this kind of hatred.

Always on top of things Brian Ross of ABC News, finds that Hillary was in the White House on ‘blue dress day.’ But Brian, where’s the cigar?

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