Rep. William Jefferson (D-La) Gets Pass

He gets a total pass involving the bribery investigation that he has been involved in. In that regard, an FBI raid in his New Orleans and Washington D.C. homes discovered $90,000 in cold cash, packed, wrapped, and in his freezer. The cash was marked as the bribe money. Rep. William Jefferson, aka 'Dollar Bill' JeffersonBut the news today is not about that, its about his political future in a runoff election.

How much of this pass is due to his political party affiliation, and how much is due to his race? Or maybe he is being treated as innocent until proven guilty? Same question, how much of that is due to political party, and how much due to race. 50/50? 60/40? 40/60? 25/75? 75/25?

Just looking for an explanation of the double standard for outcomes that exist between the democrat perps and the republican perps.

al-AP link

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