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Meanwhile, you’re not thinking about the economy, amnesty, or Benghazi. That’s NOT an unintended consequence.

Just want to prepare you for the circus-like smoke and mirrors we will see Tuesday night as President Obama tries to convince you that you’re all wrong on Syria and should back him for bombing.

We’ll see pictures of men, women, and children dying from nerve gas. We’ll hear him say how the world condemned the use of WMD’s long ago. The president will reiterate the lie that it wasn’t his ‘red line,’ it was the world’s red line. He will use the guilt-trip on you for not feeling compelled to wage war on Syria, in support of his flippant remark about a red line last year.

You won’t hear him say how other countries have committed to use their military to attack Syria. Because no other country has. Not Russia or China, not one Arab country, no European country. France supports using our military, not theirs. No North or South American country. No Asian country. No country in the South Pacific.

The Constitution authorizes the president to use the military as needed when national security (not national interest) is under imminent threat. He will not make the case that our national security is directly or indirectly threatened. Instead, his emphasis will be ‘America’s interest’ which, fails the constitutional test for use of military force.

The president won’t tell you that telegraphing targets weeks ahead of time didn’t cause the Assad regime to move their WMD stockpiles somewhere else. And he won’t tell you that his intelligence sources are the Muslim Brotherhood. He will tell us ‘there will be no boots on the ground.’ He won’t tell you that he won’t send in troops to keep WMD’s from getting into the hands of alQaeda or the Muslim Brotherhood after the bombing stops. And of course, he won’t tell you that the only ones to gain by us bombing Syria is the Muslim Brotherhood and alQaeda.

In the end, President Obama will try to shame you into inserting the United States in Syria’s civil war. You only need to remember two things. There is no constitutional authorization for it. And, our sons and daughters in the military don’t wear the uniform to die for flippant remarks made by their Commander-in-Chief.

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