Government-Union Partnership?

And in the quid pro quo department comes this gem that garnered zero mention in the media. It apparently has been scrubbed from the Department of Labor’s website. If it’s not there, does that mean it never happened? Screenshot below tells the story. Thanks to Red State for their diligence in being the watchdog on this story. You won’t find it anywhere else.

Isn’t it amazing why too, no one has ever questioned what business it is or should be of the government to support labor unions? They are a business just like any other. But, instead of taking them over, the Obama administration is more concerned with helping them grow by advancing The Employee Free Choice Act, now commonly called ‘Card Check.’

And so it was that last week, President Obama met with union leaders and ‘[T]alked about creating good jobs for the American people, and how the partnership with labor unions is essential to growing our economy and continuing our recovery.’

President Obama is the last person on the planet who believes that labor unions create jobs or grow the economy. And that some partnership with them (aside from giving them controlling interest in Chrysler) is essential to growing the economy.  Considering that labor unions constitute only 12.3% of the workforce, down from 20.1% in 1983 when comparable records were first available, it is obvious that the president is looking for ways to pay them back for their huge campaign contributions and political activism in support of the Democrat party’s agenda. Labor unions won’t create jobs or continue a so-called recovery in the same way that the stimulus money has not created jobs or stimulated the private sector economy.

Looking at which side Obama’s bread is buttered on, it is revealing to see that union membership rate for public sector (government) workers is 37.4 percent, and only 7.2 percent in the private sector. Is it any wonder why Andy Stern is the most frequent visitor to The White House?

Check this, from Red State . . .

In light of the NLRB’s attacks on business this week, this little piece is striking, as it is the epitome of why the economy still sucks unemployment remains high.

The U.S. Department of Labor, which has become akin to the Ministry of Workers’ Councils, regularly issues a newsletter via e-mail and posts it on the Ministry’s website. This week, among other items touted, was this little gem on union bosses meeting with President Obama to discuss growing the economy and the government-union partnership.

[Screenshot below the fold just in case…well, you know.]

Obama, Solis and Labor Leaders

President Obama, Secretary Solis and key White House staff met last week with a dozen leaders from several national labor unions to discuss ways to work together to strengthen the economy. The group talked about creating good jobs for the American people, and how the partnership with labor unions is essential to growing our economy and continuing our recovery. The president and the labor secretary also highlighted critical steps that the administration has taken and pledged to continue to work closely with organized labor in the coming months on important economic issues.

It’s funny that the administration still refuses to admit that unions are the antithesis of private-sector job creation. In fact, it seems the only way unions create jobs is to buy politicians who steal other people’s money, then reward the union bosses with taxpayer dollars and government-approved discrimination.


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