Biden Adds Gravitas To Obama's Campaign

Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) chooses Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) to be his Vice Presidential running mate, adding gravitas to the ticket that needs it. Of course, the absence of the use of the word gravitas in the context of the Obama campaign is perhaps the most ignored story of the year.

Not sure how a 36 year veteran of the Senate represents ‘change we can believe in.’

The choice of Biden, who has served in the Senate since 1972, indicates Obama was more interested in filling gaps in his foreign policy experience than in finding someone who could reinforce his message of bringing change to Washington.

What it is, is a continuation of an empty suit running to be President and Commander In Chief.

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  1. Were you one of the untold numbers of Obama watchers anxiously awaiting for the promised text message yesterday, Friday? That was the day that the Obama campaign said they would announce Barack’s choice for VP. They fell short on that promise. It was reported that it didn’t come until 3a.m. Saturday morning. Can’t even keep that promise? Takes three days to correctly come to terms with Russia’s invading of Georgia? I’m beginning to see the ‘change’ Barack is talking about.

    I get the impression that Barack was up late with Caroline Kennedy last night, playing ‘enie meanie miney moe’ before they finally landed on Joe Biden.

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