Saddam’s Last Video

Now that an apparently unofficial cell phone video of Saddam Hussein’s last two minutes of life is on YouTube, it was amusing to hear Wolf Blitzer on his Late Edition show today, wringing his conscience over the release of it. He and the folks at PMSNBC had no problem (after much careful consideration you know) showing our soldiers getting murdered by al Qaeda snipers October 19, 2006.

It is also apparent that their connections with al Qaeda are more intimate than those with Iraq. Thanks to fasterhero for the video.

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2 thoughts on “Saddam’s Last Video”

    1. Except when the one being executed is a murderer himself, as was the case with Saddam and his two boys. They had no qualms about murdering people, some after torturing them first. They did it for sport and intimidation, and were quite effective at it.

      People like them need to be stopped, one way or the other. In Saddam’s case, the Iraqi government did it in an otherwise orderly manner. Charged, convicted, sentenced, executed. Done!

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