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US Blocks UN Statement On Gaza

You’ve seen the media hype all the civilian casualties, women and children, before. In fact, it has become fashionable to report on women and children casualties as a result of war. We see it in our media and everywhere else in the world. We see it in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and in Lebanon and the Gaza strip. Not so much in Israel, at the hands of Hamas. Since Israel’s enemy and our enemy choose to use their own families as human shields, women and children casualties are a given. So media, spare me the tears please.

The United States late Saturday blocked approval of a U.N. Security Council statement calling for an immediate cease-fire between Israel and Gaza’s Hamas rulers, diplomats said.

With no history nor expectation that Hamas will live at peace and accept the existence of Israel, the US did the right thing at the UN. All the bleeding proportional-response.jpghearts be dammed. That war, as in any war, is not going to end until one side or the other wins it. Or to put it another way, until one side loses it.  ‘Cease fires’ where Islamofascists are concerned is Osama-speak for back up, regroup, re-arm, and attack another day. Not surprisingly, the Useless Nations has no memory of this tact, or Tora Bora, or Sadr City, or Fallujah.

Meanwhile, let the terrorist cleansing begin. It’s called peace through strength, not peace through surrender. And why doesn’t Israel have the same right to self-defense as other nations?

At this point, it is beginning to look like PEBO has his first test coming up shortly. Will he support our ally, or the terrorists and Iran?

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aSide Order

Stop Obama, Pelosi in Georgia

The 2008 Election isn’t quite over. A few senate seats are still out there. Al Franken is trying very hard, and succeeding, to steal his election win in Minnesota over Norm Coleman. And the Georgia runoff election is another one. I think Republicans have already lost a filibuster proof senate, even if Saxby Chambliss and Norm Coleman end up winning their seats because of the several RINOs in the Senate already. Nevertheless, here is what is at stake and what we can expect in the next four years. This ad is being run in Georgia. December 2 is the runoff election date.

Want to help? You can by going to the National Republican Trust PAC to help get this ad out in Georgia.

United Nations Lowers To The Occasion

Why is it no surprise that the IAEA, the supposed nuclear watchdog of the United Nations (aka Useless Nations) is taking the side of two countries China and Russia, over the United States, its allies, and most of Europe, when it comes to providing nuclear technology to Syria before an IAEA investigation into Syria’s nuclear arms ambitions is complete?

The U.N. nuclear watchdog chief clashed with some Western nations on Monday over their bid to block aid for a planned Syrian nuclear power plant, saying U.S. intelligence pointing to secret Syrian atomic work was unproven.

Diplomats at a 35-nation meeting of International Atomic Energy Agency governors said Washington, major European Union nations and other Western allies favored shelving the project while Syria was under IAEA investigation over the U.S. reports.

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Iran, The Elephant In The Room

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is still stonewalling IAEA inspectors. This is nothing new. In fact, there has been zero progress for months.

“Iran so far has not been forthcoming in replying to our questions, and we seem to be at a dead end there,” said a senior UN official on Monday.

With the exception of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Castro in Cuba, everyone is in agreement that Iran needs to stop its uranium enrichment process, a process that is not needed for electrical power generation. It is a process that is only needed to produce a nuclear bomb. In spite of the unanimity in opinion, where is the unanimity in the will to do something about it? Negotiations do have and ending point where the problem is either solved one way, or solved another way. Ahmadinejad is one hemorrhoid that is in need of some Preparation H.

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Russia Is OK With Missile Defense System, For Syria

But certainly not for Poland. No! Missile defense systems for western aligned nations are not on Vladimir Putin’s approved list. Key phrase is ‘missile defense.’ Considering Russia’s history, and Putin’s history, and Putin’s current invasion and occupation of the sovereign state of Georgia, is it any surprise that they like the idea of selling offensive and defensive weapons systems to Syria?

Officials said Russian President Dmitri Medvedev has approved the sale of rockets, missiles, aircraft and air defense systems to Syria. They said Medvedev, in consultation with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, decided to enable Damascus to select from a range of Russian weapons and systems.

And it doesn’t stop there . . .

Assad, who ended a two-day visit on Aug. 21, has also pledged to consider a Russian request to station the Iskander-E long-range, solid-fuel rocket in Syria. Moscow has asserted that the Iskankder could penetrate Israeli or U.S. missile defense systems.

Putin is really enjoying his opportunity to bully Georgia, Poland, and Europe. And with a seat on the United Nations Security Council, he is almost guaranteed to get what he wants regarding the Georgian invasion. Which is, annexing the disputed areas into Russia, if not just washing away Georgia’s border and occupying those territories permanently. Well, that is, presuming the West will just sit by and watch, and let it happen.

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Rape, Kremlin Resists Pulling Out

By anyone’s standard, when she says stop, and he doesn’t, its rape. Well, I should amend that a little. ‘Anyone’ apparently does not apply to Russia. They have experience in raping neighboring countries, just like they are doing right now in Georgia. Russia forcibly entered Georgia with their air force and ground forces, knocked out infrastructure, ransacked Georgian military complexes along with civilian property and civilians themselves, sank its navy and took control of its only oil port.

Russia’s president, Dmitri A. Medvedev, on Saturday signed a revised framework for a deal to halt the fighting in neighboring Georgia, which has stirred some of the deepest divisions between world powers since the cold war. But the Kremlin then indicated that despite the accord’s approval, it would not immediately pull its troops from the country.

Now, a so-called agreement to end the invasion and leave has been signed by Russia and Georgia. And Russia’s response is one that says that the agreement isn’t worth the paper it was printed on.

If you’re wondering what’s the big deal, and why is it any of our business who an imperialist Russia plows under? This video will answer that question.

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Russia Chooses War Over Diplomacy

One day, we are looking forward to the start of the Olympic Games. Then, out of nowhere, we are looking at war between Vladimir Putin’s Russia and the sovereign State of Georgia. This is a hard dose of medicinal reality that the free world must swallow, and deal with.

The suddenness of Russia’s air attacks and tank incursions against Georgia should be the wake-up call to the world that Russia is back to its old self. One could argue whether they had ever really changed, given their turning away from the concept of freedom and democracy under Putin’s first administration. Now in his second administration (under a different name), their idea of diplomacy between countries is military force, not the United Nations.

Russia uses the United Nations when it suits them, and blows them off when it doesn’t. Fact is, the U.N. is not capable of doing anything to solve this conflict. They have no experience in standing up to Russia in any fashion. If there is anything that I can agree with Putin about, it is the ineffectiveness of the United Nations to the point of their irrelevance in world affairs beyond serving as a global meals-on-wheels. The fact that he hasn’t taken whatever his gripe is with Georgia to the United Nations first, is proof of that. There hasn’t been any U.N. resolutions on the matter. Not eighteen, as in Iraq. Not even one.

This episode also makes the case for a new outlook on global security in some geopolitical organization of States other than the United Nations. Not to mention how our own presidential candidates and political parties view our role in the world and how do deal with people like Putin and countries like Russia that seem hell bent on shooting first.

And speaking of our candidates for president, all those who think that there will be unanimity in how to proceed please raise your hand. Peace through strength has been tried and worked. This is a time, if there ever was one, where the United States needs to be speaking with one voice, not just for the sake of Georgia and States like them, but for the world.

While You Were Out, Iran Called

While everyone was busy worrying about American Idols, the politician and the one on TV, and who’s priest said what, cranes falling, and Hollywood burning, we all missed Iran’s way of negotiating with the IAEA when it comes to their nuclear ambitions. For months now, Iran has refused to cooperate with the IAEA. Negotiations aren’t over. But negotiations do have and ending point where the problem is either solved one way or solved another way. Here is a short list of news from the wire services for the last 10 days.

You should be mad as hell at the media. ALL of them didn’t so much as mention this BIG problem. When they start connecting the dots as to why it had to be solved militarily, they better start right here.

Why the virtual blackout? From the get-go it is out of Obama’s grasp. Iran says their uranium enrichment is none of the U.N.’s concern, and, is not negotiable. That, and a threat of this magnitude would play to the Republican’s strong suit, national defense. And maybe a little circling the wagons by downplaying the reality of a threatening Iran in order to present a different ‘reality,’ that of nominating a rookie, in every sense of the word, to the most powerful job in the world. It is better for Democrats, politically, to just ignore it.

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United Nations Warns Of Food Fight

Nine months ago, the United Nations warned that they could no longer afford to feed the worlds hungry to the same extent as before because of rising prices of the basic foodstuffs. The alleged solution to alleged man-made global warming, more bio-fuels, is drawing focus to the unintended consequences of higher cost of all food world-wide.

Giving new meaning to the phrase ‘food fight,’ Sir John Holmes, the undersecretary general for humanitarian affairs at the United Nations says rioting could spread around the world over food, as has happened in Egypt. Egypt? Who knew that Egypt is a poor and undeveloped country?  He told a conference in Dubai . . .

that rising prices would spark unrest across vulnerable nations. Average prices have risen 40 per cent across the world in less than a year.

The security implications should also not be underestimated as food riots are already being reported across the globe.

Current food price trends are likely to increase sharply both the incidence and depth of food insecurity.

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Iran's Nuclear Program Revisited

It wasn’t that long ago that Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was portraying the United Nation’s IAEA, and the New York Times, as confirming that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program. Remember, it was reported to have stopped about the time we entered Iraq militarily, 2003?

It doesn’t jibe with today’s headlines on the subject.

U.N. council imposes new sanctions on defiant Iran
Iran defiant over new UN nuke sanctions
ElBaradei urges Iran to clarify atom arms allegations

In U.N, diplospeak, it’s blah blah blah blah

There were 14 votes in favor, none against and one country, Indonesia, abstained. Previous sanctions resolutions were adopted unanimously in December 2006 and March 2007, but council envoys said Monday’s message to Iran was a strong one.

That and, it depends on what the meaning of ‘strong’ is.

Iran denounced the current and previous resolutions as violations of international law and said they only harmed the 15-nation Security Council’s standing.

You can see where this is going.