Organized Labor Declines

The Dept of Labor released their report on Union Membership last week. Not surprisingly, the AP had a cow and came way far from reporting what the report means and what the report shows. The only national number the AP used was comparing Wisconsin's union membership, 8 percent, to be below … Continue reading

$15/hr Quid Pro Quo

Consider what the political Left, beholden to Big Labor, tell you about raising the minimum wage, then piling on ‘living wage’ on top of that. Then look at this video. All you need to know from me is, it’s Big Labor who wants the minimum wage to go up. And … Continue reading

Socialism Fails

Socialism requires walls to keep people from leaving. Like in Venezuela. Venezuelans seeking a visa to leave to the United States for the first time will no longer be able to apply for one, the U.S. embassy in Caracas announced, due to the socialist government’s forced reduction of the number of … Continue reading