Media Blindfold

Isn’t it amazing that the ‘Letters to the Editor” section is becoming a news source for local politics? As of this writing, this LTE is the only mention of candidate Guillory’s press release in the local “news media.” Doing the job the “news media” just won’t do. Related Link: Ray Guillory Endorses Medical Marijuana

Kids Shooting Kids In Pensacola

Here is a case where youth violence, youth gun violence specifically, has been a growing concern in the Pensacola area. One way to reach the kids, it was thought, was to give them something to do and try to teach them to behave responsibly. An altercation early Sunday morning that led to a 16-year-old being …

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Thomas Lynch, M.R.I.O.T.D. Award Winner

Dr. Thomas Lynch, United States Department of Veterans Affairs Assistant Deputy USH for Clinical Operations and Management, says the VA “is a good system.” For this statement, Dr. Lynch wins the M.R.I.O.T.D. Award. That would be the Most Ridiculous Item Of The Day Award. Weekly update from Congressman Jeff Miller (R-FL1) and Chairman House Veteran’s Affairs …

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Ray Guillory Endorses Medical Marijuana

Received this press release from Raymond Guillory, candidate for Escambia County Commissioner District 2. Today Ray Guillory, Candidate for Escambia County Commissioner in District 2, becomes the first declared candidate to openly endorse the Medical Marijuana initiative on this Novembers ballot.  Use of Marijuana for Certain Medical Conditions Allows the medical use of marijuana for …

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Rep. Jeff Miller (FL-1) Rated #1 By GovTrack

The 2013 Report Cards are out for all members of Congress, and our representative Jeff Miller (R) rated #1 in three categories Cosponsors, Leadership, and Committee Positions. Follow this LINK to see the rest. Kudos to Jeff for his representation of Florida District 1. For a listing of all members of Congress, click HERE.

Perdido Beach Mouse v2.0, MRIOTD Award Winner

Never ceases to amaze the hubris of some who assume the role of our Maker. Some command to lower sea level and adjust the world’s thermostat, others, like the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, refuse to take NO for an answer where rodents are concerned. The Perdido Key beach mouse, was wiped out naturally and …

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Barack Obama, Governing By Tantrum

President Obama certainly is enjoying HIS government shutdown. To be sure, it is his and Senate majority leader Harry Reed’s government shutdown. Beginning with how he despises America so much as to smother it in debt and unaffordable so-called entitlement programs while breaking and selectively enforcing laws, some of which (Obamacare) are of his own …

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Wealth Creation Through Cost Reduction

Noted economist and former Florida gubernatorial candidate Dr. Farid Khavari exemplifies what thinking ‘outside the box’ is. When politicos in Washington believe that the government can create wealth by spreading it around, they’re not creating anything, and spreading misery. Government doesn’t create wealth, it consumes it. Dr. Khavari explains how free-market capitalism and political leadership, …

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Can’t Get On The Bus In Pensacola

The Pensacola News Journal listed holiday closings. Among them is the closing, although they didn’t actually phrase it that way, of the public bus system. Here’s what they said: “Escambia County Area Transit will run limited service for the beach trolley route.” Translation: If you are one of those hard-working Americans that depend on public …

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Pensacola, Brought To You By The Letter ‘S’

As a Pensacola resident, have you grown tired of the never-ending hand-wringing over doing something that will increase tourism, prevent young people from having, and wanting, to leave town to make a living, and of the politicians catering to deep-pocketed special interests to no one’s benefit except the politician and his special interest, aka contributor? …

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