Hungary Bonds Hit Junk Status

The Euro zone is in trouble. Hungary pulled the sale of their public debt in three-year bonds. Could not afford the yields over nine percent. Meanwhile, Standard & Poor’s downgraded Hungary’s bonds to junk status. ‘Too big to fail’ is one thing. Try this, ‘Too big to save.’ The teachable moment here is, unless we …

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Stimulus Spending, For What? For Who?

With the economy still in recession, and the President still touting his American Jobs Act, Americans are becoming more skeptical about what all the stimulus spending has done for them. And the news about questionable stimulus spending and special deals is beginning to bubble up to the surface. Some new, some old. Old news that …

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‘Real Ford Owner’ TV Ad

Check out this new TV ad from Ford. Their version of the man on the street press conference. The premise is that the subjects are real Ford owners using their own un-rehearsed response to a question from the ‘press corps.’ ‘Chris’s’ response is golden. Took the words right out of my F150-owning mouth. Obviously Ford …

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What, Me Worry?

This should at least be enough to cause concern. Serious concern.  Massive rout spells trouble for Wall Street Europe on Brink of ‘Major Financial Collapse’ Greece in panic as it faces change of Homeric proportions Greece: The create escape Italy under fire in widening euro debt crisis Business, consumer views darken in Europe Euro-Zone Debt …

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A Time For Choosing

Since we were never given the choice in the last presidential election, the next election will be the time to choose. The 2008 election culminated in eight years of bashing Bush, and Bush not responding once. Americans were offered only hope and change. And who is against hope, and who is against change that makes …

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Great Britain And The Welfare State

I guess we now have the proof of what conservatives have been saying since forever: Looting is a result of liberal welfare policies. And Britain is in the end stages of the welfare state. Congratulations, Britain! You’ve barbarized your citizenry, without regard to race, gender or physical handicap! (more of Ann Coulter)

When Is A Default Not A Default?

Why when governments and central banks lie about it, of course! Now notice what’s going on here: Many of these banks bought these things when they were severely distressed, thereby paying a discounted price. Now they’re going to “exchange” at face, effectively stealing the difference. Link: When Is A Default Not A Default?

Fairness Doctrine Is Censorship In Hungary

Actually, it is considered censorship here too, although the political Left will disagree. Freedom, especially freedom of the press and freedom of speech has been diminished in Hungary. Hungary’s recently elected right-wing government has introduced a law demanding — under threat of fines and even shut-down — that news sources be “fair and balanced,” to …

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Obama To Focus On The Economy; Believe It, Or Not

Breaking news from the Associated Press, ‘Obama pledges economic focus during next 2 years.’ Sounds eerily similar to his presidential campaign doesn’t it?  Two years later, there remains only a marginal, if any, net increase in full-time permanent jobs, and unemployment is still going up. Providing zero analysis, not only is this story nothing more …

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