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The Lunch Counter Blog, The First 10 Years

Timeout for a moment to mark some time. A decade. That’s how long The Lunch Counter Blog has served up politics, the right way. Exploring the issues, exposing the Left, holding the news media to account, and generally annoying Liberals with no argument beyond name-calling.

The Lunch Counter software has evolved as information sharing software evolved. Beginning with a software platform called Radio UserLand, then finally settling on WordPress.

Take a look back to August 2004, when The Lunch Counter began.

Looking forward to another decade.

Biden Discharged From Navy, Fails Drug Test

Hunter Biden, the youngest son of Vice President Joe Biden, has been kicked out of the military after testing positive for cocaine. Why not require a drug test for everyone who works in The White House, including the president? What’s good for the goose . . .

Whether President Obama would have passed a drug test on the night of 9/11/2012 is still out there. What he was doing on that night is still not known.

Links: Sources: Hunter Biden leaves Navy after drug test  |  Treatment Helpline

Social Security Disability Insurance Overwhelmed

So how do you overwhelm the system? Why not grant Social Security Disability Insurance to unemployed people (who are not disabled) after their unemployment insurance runs out. That ought to do it. Now, the Social Security Disability Insurance fund will go broke in 2016. Look up the Cloward-Piven Strategy when you get a moment.

Using SSDI to supplant unemployment insurance is not why the DI fund will be broke in two years. That was going to happen regardless. It is going broke because, except for Bush 43 nine years ago, no one in Washington is willing to face reality and fix it for future generations.

Links: Social Security Board of Trustees Press Release | Investing In America Will Save Social Security | Dems Help Systems, Not People, In Social Security Reform

Michelle Obama Tells Chinese Students . . .

U.S. first lady Michelle Obama told an audience of college students in the Chinese capital on Saturday that open access to information – especially online – is a universal right.

And you can bet the ranch that the kids in that room are the only people in China that heard that message. A message that will not go outside that room.

But, it does make for a nice vacation for Michelle, her daughters Malia and Sasha, and her mother Marian Robinson.

Link: Michelle Obama tells Chinese students internet freedom’s a universal right

Article V, The Antidote

A couple of excerpts from The Liberty Amendments, written by bestselling author, attorney, president of the Landmark Legal Foundation, talk radio host Mark R. Levin, who worked in the Reagan administration and was chief of staff for Attorney General Edwin Meese.

The book details a plan, a path, some even call the rip-cord, for preserving the government as the founders intended from an over-reaching one as exists today. It was so important, it was put in the Constitution in Article V.

The delegates to the 1787 Constitutional Convention and the delegates to each state’s ratification convention foresaw a time when the Federal government might breach the Constitution’s limits and begin oppressing the people. Agencies such as the IRS and EPA and programs such as Obamacare demonstrate that the Framers’ fear was prescient.

The founders knew that in the event of an over-reaching or out-of-control branch, or branches, of federal government, the states needed a remedy to correct, since the tyrannical branch(s) in question would never allow itself to be corrected. This is what Article V was written for.

Prior to his inauguration, do you remember president-elect Obama saying we were just days away from “fundamentally transforming the United States of America?”

By this, of course, President Barack Obama did not mean a fresh allegiance to the nation’s founding principles and a new respect for the Constitution’s limits on federal authority, but the converse. He is more blatant and aggressive than his twentieth-century predecessors, but faithfully follows the footsteps of the most transgressive among them.

Having delegated broad lawmaking power to executive branch departments and agencies of its own creation, contravening the separation-of-powers doctrine, Congress now watches as the president inflates the congressional delegations even further and proclaims repeatedly the authority to rule by executive fiat in defiance of, or over the top of, the same Congress that sanctioned a domineering executive branch in the first place. Notwithstanding Congress’s delinquency, but because of it, an unquenched President Obama, in a hurry to expedite a societal makeover, has repeatedly admonished Congress that “[i]f [it] won’t act soon to protect future generations, I will!”—that is, if Congress will not genuflect to his demands, and pass laws to his liking, he will act on his own.

And the president has made good on his refrain. On a growing list of matters, he has, in fact, displayed an impressive aptitude for imperial rule. With the help of a phalanx of policy “czars,” from immigration, the environment, and labor law to health care, welfare, and energy, the president has exercised his executive “discretion” to create new law, abrogate existing law, and generally contrive ways to exploit legal ambiguities as a means to his ends. He has also declared the Senate in recess when it was not, thereby bypassing the Senate’s constitutional “advice and consent” role to install several partisans in top federal posts.

What was to be a relatively innocuous federal government, operating from a defined enumeration of specific grants of power, has become an ever-present and unaccountable force. It is the nation’s largest creditor, debtor, lender, employer, consumer, contractor, grantor, property owner, tenant, insurer, healthcare provider, and pension guarantor. Moreover, with aggrandized police powers, what it does not control directly it bans or mandates by regulation.

A convention of the states, per Article V of the Constitution is the antidote for such a tyrannical federal government.

Article V sets forth the two processes for amending the Constitution, the second of which I have emphasized in italics:

The Congress, whenever two thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose Amendments to this Constitution, or, on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments, which, in either Case, shall be valid to all Intents and Purposes, as Part of this Constitution, when ratified by the Legislatures of three fourths of the several States or by Conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other Mode of Ratification may be proposed by the Congress.

Read Chapter One of The Liberty Amendments below. Courtesy of its author, Mark R. Levin.

Link: Convention of States

Know Your Rights

Below is an informative info graphic graciously lifted from The Blaze. It explains in great detail what your rights are, should you have a police encounter of the first kind. Rule number one, don’t be a jerk. Be polite. With good knowledge of what your rights are, you can be just as professional as the officer, and maybe stay out of jail. He knows what your rights are. You should too.


Egypt Outlaws Muslim Brotherhood, Seizes Assets

Officially labeling the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, the Egyptian government moved to seize the ‘Hood’s accounts and assets. And called upon other countries in the Middle East to do the same.

Should come as no surprise except to the Islamist deniers in the administration who told us that the Muslim Brotherhood was a peaceful, secular organization. But that’s old news.

The effects of taking a bold step against the terrorist organization, aside from fighting back at them in hopes of keeping the peace domestically, is the deleterious effect it will have on Hamas. Their subsidiary in the Gaza Strip that terrorizes Israel and calls for their destruction.

Can’t wait to hear what Secretary of State John Kerry, the President’s mouthpiece, has to say about this and whose side he will come down on. Egypt has already decided.

Turkey, just to make it interesting, is sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood. As is a guy named Fethullah Gulen. A self-exiled (was actually fleeing charges of plotting to overthrow the government in Turkey) 70-year-old imam, who commands a global empire of media outlets, private schools and charities. Gulen directs his Islamic “school” and “charity” operation from his 25 acre Saylorsburg, Pa. estate in the Poconos. Comparisons between him  and George Soros have been made as both men are very wealthy, and both use their money to advance agendas. Both to change America as it exits today.

Will the United States add the Muslim Brotherhood to their list of terrorist organizations and seize their assets? President Obama has some ‘splain’n to do.

Links: Egypt, Dealing a Blow to the Muslim Brotherhood, Deems It a Terrorist Group  | The 60 Minutes Whitewash of Fethullah Gulen  |  Egypt seizes assets of over 1130 Brotherhood-linked NGOs

Mandela “Interpreter” Wins M.R.I.O.T.D. Award

The memorial service for Nelson Mandela was full of side shows that qualified for the Most Ridiculous Item Of The Day award. Winning out over President Obama’s selfie moment was the man, who’s name is still unknown, that posed as a sign language interpreter.

According to Cara Loening, director of Sign Language Education and Development in Cape Town, part of South Africa’s Deaf Federation . . .

“He’s a complete fraud. He wasn’t even doing anything, There was not one sign there. Nothing. He was literally flapping his arms around.”

Running a close third place to this guy and President Obama, is the security detail that allowed this stranger to be on the stage inches away from our president and other heads of state. In these days of explosive vests and who knows what else, the world can consider itself lucky that it didn’t end up that way.

Link: The Sign Language Interpreter At Mandela’s Memorial Was ‘A Complete Fraud’ Making Nonsense Gestures