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Dems Don’t Want To End War, Not Yet

Ending the war before it is won, which is all the democrats in Washington After losing a vote 67-29 to cut off funding for the war in Iraq, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nev. waits in a hallway on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, May 16, 2007, for the Democrat's news conference to discuss Iraq. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh) have been talking about, just hit a snag.   Having a chance to do it decisively by not funding it just slipped away.  They only got 29 votes in favor, where 60 would have been needed to override a veto.  Nineteen democrats voted against ending funding for the war, and twenty-eight democrats voted to end funding by March 31, 2008.   So, what does that say about the so-called mandate that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi claim got them in the majority?  It all kind of goes up in smoke.  It’s exactly what you get when you kowtow to the far left Soros groups instead of ‘the people.’ 

They deceived themselves into believing that they got elected to END the war.  Taking their money and advice from the Soros wing of the party, and having absolutely no convictions of their own, I can see how they got that way.  They don’t want the war to end yet.  Not until they have used it politically to the fullest extent possible, leading up to the ’08 election. After losing a vote 67-29 to cut off funding for the war in Iraq, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nev., left, Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., center, and Sen. Richard Durbin, D-Ill., wait for the start of their Iraq news conference, Wednesday, May 16, 2007, on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh) End it now, then what if we get attacked in our homeland before the election?   It’s curtains for them for sure.  It comes down to the democrats concentrating more on criticizing the administration than killing our enemy.  For them, Iraq is just a political tool to use to gain political power.  After all, it’s Bush’s war, not ours.  Never mind the 6,400 + casualties so far.  And never mind to our military families that have loved ones in harms way, doing the job we (democrats included) asked them to do.

Winning this war would be a snap if this bunch would only focus on our real enemy, as opposed to their enemy, republicans.

Katie Couric’s Ratings At CBS

CBS is scratching their heads over why the perky one’s ratings are so dismal.  Still in denial over their poor choice, experts look for other reasons, like you.  You sexist, racist white guys don’t like hearing news from a woman.  So says CBS News Senior Vice President, Standards and Special Projects Linda Mason.

I’m just surprised at how, almost 30 years after I worked on the “Evening News” as the first woman producer, that Katie is having such a tough time being accepted by the public, which seems to prefer the news from white guys, and now that Charlie’s doing so well, from older white guys. I guess they want the reassurance of a Walter Cronkite.

Linda, could it just be a lightweight with an agenda that people do not want?  Katie’s brand is power legs and a stack of papers in her lap.  A far cry from Walter Cronkite.  I don’t see a racial component in this equation.  Seems to me they are also in denial about why they have a paucity of minority news readers on the air.  As for Katie, the Canadian cable news program called Naked News may be an option.  There is more diversity there than on CBS.

Leakers Found Guilty

Great Britain shows that it has a pair, and that it takes the leaking of state secrets seriously.  In Keogh (L) and O'Connorthis country they give awards for leaking state secrets.  

This is an area that Bush hasn’t put enough emphasis, nearly zero.  And this is an area that apparently can only be restarted by Bush’s direct intervention, otherwise republicans and/or democrats would not have let the investigation just end by quitting.  Where’s the media on this? The investigation into the CIA leaks that were published in the New York Times has been called off because; the CIA doesn’t want to cooperate with the FBI, so the FBI says eh!, we can’t do an investigation because they don’t want to be investigated, so I guess the investigation is over.  And this makes sense to who?

As for the two Brits. . .

A civil servant and an MP’s researcher have been found guilty of breaching the Official Secrets Act.
They leaked an “extremely sensitive” memo about talks on Iraq between Tony Blair and President Bush.

Oh boy, two new books coming out.  Or to put it another way, you’ll read about it in their books before you’ll see news of this pair in the mainstream media.

Another One Bites The Dust

Dead terrorist Muharib Abdul-Latif al-JubouriIs it me or does there seem to be more positive news being reported on lately?  Muharib Abdul-Latif al-Jubouri, the kidnapper of CSM reporter Jill Carroll assumed room temperature.

The US military said it killed a senior figure in Al Qaeda’s Iraq operation, one who also played a role in the murder of the American Tom Fox, the murder of former Monitor interpreter Alan Enwiya, and the kidnapping of Monitor reporter Jill Carroll.

Left Attacks Limbaugh, So What’s New?

The Seattle Times titles the story “Limbaugh draws fire on Obama parody.”   He may be drawing fire, but not from anyone who counts.  It’s only the Soros financed Media Matters and their far-left ilk who are making something out of it.   Them and some callers to Al Sharpton’s talk radio show.  As for Obama, he thinks it’s not to be taken seriously. 

Obama’s campaign called the song “dumb,” although a spokesman said the campaign doesn’t think anyone is taking the song seriously.

“It’s not the first dumb thing said during the course of this campaign and it likely won’t be the last,” Obama spokesman Bill Burton said. “But, frankly, I don’t think anyone takes this too seriously.”

It’s a hilarious parody that correctly characterizes the Sharpton / Obama dynamic.   

Limbaugh predicted the lefts’ reaction, including the ones who will bring it up. And viola, here it is.  The Limbaugh Institute does know how to push the left’s buttons.  It was also educational to watch.

Here’s 3 more iterations of the same story by By Christi Parsons at the Chicago Tribune:  Limbaugh under fire for Obama parody – Memphis Commercial Appeal,  Limbaugh’s ‘Negro’ parody stirs racial concerns – Houston Chronicle, and Parody targets role of race in Obama candidacy – The Honolulu Advertiser

In Iraq Patience Pays , Quitting Costs.

Good news trickles in from Anbar Province.  Tribes in Iraq are joining the U.S. forces to fight against al Qaeda.  CSM was the only media I could find that has this story, complete with pictures.Sheikh Abdel-Sattar Abu Risha: Head of the Al Anbar Salvation Council of tribes that oppose Al Qaeda, he claimed Tuesday that tribesmen killed Al Qaeda in Iraq's leader. 

Like dominoes, tribes reeling from a campaign of killing and intimidation by Al Qaeda have been joining, one by one, the US-led fight against Al Qaeda in Iraq in this Sunni Arab province. Last month, US Gen. David Petraeus told Congress that violence was down significantly here and that the tribes were key to the transformation.

 And this . . .

Message: US military poster shows Sheikh Abu-Risha staring down figures representing Al Qaeda in Ramadi.

But winning over the Bu-Fahed tribe was a coup. It had been one of Al Qaeda’s staunchest supporters, and traces its lineage to the birthplace of the puritan form of Sunni Islam known as Wahhabism in the Saudi Arabian province of Najd. It formally threw its lot behind Sheikh Abdel-Sattar Abu Risha.

and to the democrats in Washington who just want to leave Iraq . . .

Anbar’s provincial seat, Ramadi, which Al Qaeda declared in October to be the capital of its so-called Islamic state in Iraq, is now firmly in the grips of US and Iraqi forces.

US Capt. Jay McGee, intelligence officer with the 3rd Battalion, 69th Armor Regiment from Fort Worth, Texas, says that the motivation for the tribes to join the council is largely self-serving.

“Everyone is convinced Coalition forces are going to leave and they are saying, ‘We do not want Al Qaeda to take control of the area when that happens.’ For them, Al Qaeda is a greater threat long term.”

Surge Working In Baghdad

You have to listen real fast when the network news comes on the radio. At the top-of-the-hour news broadcast, this ABC story was about an al-Qaida double truck bomb attack on a U.S. patrol base in Diyala, a city northeast of Baghdad. They didn’t report the big news in this story. The big news in this story is the fact that the surge in Baghdad is working, in as much as it is being credited with “the efforts to halt violence there.”

This quote below, seems to be the blurb that I heard on the radio. You have to imagine listening to this in the 10 second blurbs you get on the network radio news. So you have to listen fast.

The Islamic State of Iraq, an umbrella group of Sunni militants that includes al-Qaida in Iraq, said it was behind Monday’s double attack on a U.S. patrol base in Diyala province northeast of Baghdad — an area that has seen violence spike since American troops surged into the capital to halt violence there.

The rest of the article recounts various truck bombs and suicide bombers. The usual. No further mention of the surge.

Wonder how long it will take the MSM to report any progress from the surge? As long as it is working, they won’t.

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What Obey Tried To Pull Off

We know all about Nancy Pelosi’s admonition and promise to be an open government.  Well today, House Appropriations Committee Chairman David Obey (D-WI) decided this morning to pull television cameras out of today’s Iraq Supplemental Appropriations conference meeting.

Ultimately Obey relented and C-Span was back in.  The fact that he would attempt such a move is one of those red flags.  We should pay attention to red flags and take them for what they are. Gross incompetence or power-drunk. Is Obey the best they could do to chair this committee?

>UPDATE 2:15PM: From a source, “it is official…they’re letting c-span provide pool coverage of the whole meeting….”

>UPDATE 2:12 PM: FishbowlDC has learned that Obey has relented and will allow cameras…developing…

One red flag.

ref: FishbowlDC, Radio-TV Correspondents’ Association Warns Of “Troubling Situation”

Putin's Russia, AINO, Ally In Name Only

Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to squash freedom, yearning for those good old communist days.  This time it is the press and he gives them his template.  Portray the United States as an enemy.

MOSCOW, April 21 At their first meeting with journalists since taking over Russia’s largest independent radio news network, the managers had startling news of their own: from now on, they said, at least 50 percent of the reports about Russia must be positive.

In addition, opposition leaders could not be mentioned on the air and the United States was to be portrayed as an enemy, journalists employed by the network, Russian News Service, say they were told by the new managers, who are allies of the Kremlin.

Islamofascists, The Elephant In The Room

Suspects v. Christians, What?  More evidence that the so-called religion of peace extends its influence into the media, this CNN article (buried in the World section) can’t seem to identify the religion of the murderers.  They call them suspects.  However, the three people who had their throats slit were properly identified as Christians.   This PC crap is masking terrorism and the scope and scale of it.  Don’t you think it is time to quit ignoring the elephant in the room? 

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Eleven suspects in the slayings of three Christians at a publishing house in eastern Turkey were charged with murder Sunday, court officials said.

The three victims — one German and two Turkish men — were tied up and had their throats slit on Wednesday at a publishing house in the town of Malatya that was at the center of protests by some nationalists because it distributed Bibles.

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