The Tax Hammer And Abortion

The latest example of government greed and how politicians use the tax code, and create new taxes if they have to, to get access to your wallet and change behavior of industry, a company, or people, comes from a story from the City of Philadelphia.  The city has started a beverage tax in the amount of 1.5 cents per ounce. Beverages taxed are . . .

Soda (regular and diet); non-100%-fruit drinks; sports drinks; sweetened water; energy drinks; pre-sweetened coffee or tea; and non-alcoholic beverages intended to be mixed into an alcoholic drink.

Sales taxes and Excise taxes are levied on everyone. Like on cigarettes, gasoline, alcohol. Politicians pick either something addictive, a necessity, or otherwise popular for a reliable revenue stream.  No matter the reason they give for needing more money from you than they are already getting, just know that they’ve got you by the short hairs.

And there’s nothing more the Left likes more than taxes. Oh wait. Yes there is. They like abortion more. There is a whole abortion industry out there. And Planned Parenthood is the leader of the pack.

I don’t know why Democrats haven’t thought of this already? I did, and I hate taxes. I especially hate them when they are swung with The Tax Hammer to target a specific industry, goods, services, or people. Any tax will cause a behavioral change. A multi-national company might move offshore. A smoker might try cutting back. A poor person in the ghetto might tend to crime to help make up what he/she is paying in taxes.

How about we test the Left’s priorities on taxation and behavioral management. An excise tax on abortions. Maybe there will be fewer? There are already taxes on medical devices. Talk about a guaranteed revenue source, tax abortions. Propose that, sit back, and watch the fur fly.

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