Behavioral Rehabilitation For Fido

After reading a disturbing story about a couple arrested on animal cruelty charges for starving their animals to death, and not given any jail time for it, there is this one that shows some hope for humanity. Something new, a Behavioral Rehabilitation Center for animals that are victims of abuse. Animals that, absent rehabilitative treatment, would likely face euthanasia.

People want their dog to be a friend, not afraid. But sometimes, fear grips dogs so tightly they shake, cower, bite, growl or pee. It can be constant, painful and hard to overcome. Such dread can consume a dog when it’s freed from a cage at a puppy mill or hoarder’s home because that’s the only life the dog has ever known.

Link:  Woman won’t get jail time in pit bull abuse case | New Center Offers Help for Dogs Consumed by Fear  |  Tools for Fighting Cruelty

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