Police Shoot 137 Rounds At Unarmed Couple

The Cleveland, Ohio PD needs to check itself and its ranks for yahoos with guns. Ignoring rules about ‘high-speed’ chases, this chase ends up with two dead unarmed people and no evidence that either of them fired a gun, and no evidence that they had a gun. So if you’re in Cleveland, and your clunker of a car occasionally backfires, you better watch out.

There are plenty of reasons why people would run from police. Why this couple did will never be known. They’re dead. It took 25 minutes for police to put themselves in a position to use lethal force. This is not a case of standing your ground. That 90 out of 137 rounds missed the target is another issue altogether. But I don’t believe running from police in this country requires an immediate death sentence.

So why do you think the mainstream media is mute on this story? And where are the Rhyming Reverends?

Link: Police Shoot 137 Times Into Car After Chase, Killing Unarmed Couple

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