Obama Doesn’t Like His Job

Here’s a peek into the liberal’s version of what’s wrong with President Obama.

Tina Brown believes that he just doesn’t like his job. Jon Meacham compares him to Jimmy Carter, ‘a technocratic president who thinks he’s really smart and perhaps above it all.’

Apparently, these liberals don’t buy the ‘leading from behind’ explanation. Obama’s problem is he is President of a country that he does not like.

There’s really nothing more to know about President Obama than his roots. When you understand where he came from, everything he has done and wants to do to this country begins to make sense.

He is, was, and always has been a community organizer. Community organizers pit people against people. Those people with the pitchforks that Obama said he could unleash on the banks if they didn’t go along with his bailout . . . the Occupy Everywhere crowd. It’s what community organizers do.

Link: Tina Brown: Obama ‘Doesn’t Like His Job’

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