Monetary And Economic Worlds Collide

What happens when the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve and the economic policy of the Obama administration collide? We can all sit by and see what a currency war is all about in this global economy, and how it will impoverish us as a nation and as a people. Or, we can step up and make the hard choices. At this point, there are no easy ones left to make.

The problem we’re in was not caused from our taxes being too low. We’re in this mess because spending has been out of this world, and, woefully misdirected. Misdirected in the sense that preserving a capitalist and free market economy is the goal. And given where we are today, do you believe that the Obama administration shares that goal?

Is there an economist out there that can explain the confluence of bad monetary policy and equally bad economic policy, so that the dumb masses can understand it? And, is there a newspaper bold enough to put it on the front page, above the  fold?

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